Other Marvel actors who prefer not to have social networks

Incredibly, they are actors who cross the screen because of the talent they have to interpret their characters and, definitely, they are one of the most beloved within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, they prefer to keep their private lives and not become addicted or dependent on the followers. and to that world with double face that are the likes and the comments. Paul Rudd, Scarlett Johansson and some more superheroes that you won’t find on Instagram.

“I have decided to take a break from social media for my mental health, because I find Instagram and Twitter to be over stimulating and overwhelming.” pronounced Tom Holland on his verified profile just a month ago. Although it was sad news for the faithful followers of the Spider-Man actor, who stopped enjoying the images of their day to day, it is not strange. It is that this is not the only figure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that chooses to move away from exposure on the Internet. Here we review four stars who keep a low profile on social networks.

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