Other than shopping lists and offers, here’s how to save a lot of money at the supermarket

Every Italian family has its own tricks for spending less at the supermarket. Endless shopping lists, tables and even an envelope in which old receipts are kept. Sometimes, the most expensive products are not necessarily the best and indeed you may find pleasant surprises. However, if we really want to save money, we should follow some tips. In fact, other than shopping lists and offers, here’s how to save a lot of money at the supermarket.

Lanes are not all the same

If we do a quick analysis, we find that most people are right-handed. As a result, he will use his right hand much more than his left hand for natural choices. Therefore, we also use the right hand more to take goods from the supermarket, and consequently to facilitate the purchase of more expensive products we load the right aisles. They are the ones we look at first and on which we pay the most attention. Still regarding the position of goods in the aisles, we must also remember that supermarkets change it often. In fact, when we wander aimlessly at the supermarket, we risk paying a lot more because we buy more things. If we already know where to find things, we spend much less time in the supermarket and buy fewer products.

Other than shopping lists and offers, here’s how to save a lot of money at the supermarket

Sometimes we don’t notice it, but in supermarkets we often find employees who let us taste products for free. Or, we see them arranging the goods and recognize them thanks to their uniform. Of course, we don’t have to pay for the product tasting or the advice we ask from employees and this seems like a favor we are being done. Quite the contrary, it is a clear marketing strategy that aims to make us spend more. In fact we will be more attracted to buy those products.

Other times, however, we find supermarkets that propose to take home the shopping for free. In reality, very often that free of charge implies a minimum expense that is also quite high. We might have spent less money on our shopping list, but the idea of ​​not having to load up with bags to go home is very tempting. So, we buy goods until we reach the required threshold. Finally, the most classic make-up of the classics. Since everyone has already understood that there are products near the checkout counters that are only available to meet momentary needs, some supermarket chains have implemented a change. These kinds of products, such as chewing gum or batteries, are placed at the end of the aisles.


Here is the most perfidious supermarket trick that makes us fall into a trap and always spend too much money

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