Other than starch, this unsuspected secret ingredient is enough to have a thick and creamy hot chocolate

On any occasion, eating good chocolate is a moment of true enjoyment. Those who love it with milk, dark, spicy, with dried fruit, citrus, as long as it is of excellent quality. But winter is the time of year when people from all over the world enjoy hot chocolate. A real pleasure for the palate that has no equal and that often represents a sweet cuddle on cold days. To prepare this delicious traditional drink only a few elements are needed, namely milk, sugar, cocoa. But to make it particularly thick, a common thickener, such as cornstarch, can be added.

In reality, this ancient delicacy has very ancient roots, even attributed to the Maya. However, the methods and products were far different from the current ones, in fact they served beans, water, cocoa and pepper. Subsequently, the Aztecs prepared a similar, but cold drink, prepared with vanilla, cocoa and various spices.

Oil free

When cocoa beans also arrived in Europe, many centuries later, enjoying great success. Chocolate, as we understand it now, goes through several stages and experiments, while the British replaced water with milk. Now, what we very often prepare at home, is also enriched with an ingredient that makes it more consistent, namely starch.

Other than starch, this unsuspected secret ingredient is enough to have a thick and creamy hot chocolate

There are many variations that satisfy all palates, because enriched with cream, coffee, hazelnuts, spicy spices, liqueurs, the list would be almost endless. In fact, in some cases, other than starch, this unsuspected secret ingredient is enough to have a thick and creamy hot chocolate, and it is a fruit.

It may seem very strange but persimmons are perfect substitutes for other thickeners and can be added to water and cocoa, without the sugar. Just choose ripe cagus, extract 100 g of pulp, blend them and mix them together with 30 g of unsweetened cocoa powder, 180 ml of water or vegetable milk. We heat over low heat and season to taste with vanilla or cinnamon.

Other alternatives

Besides persimmons, pumpkin puree is also an excellent element to thicken our delicious hot drink. The quantities for 180 ml of water or milk are around 50 g of pureed cooked pumpkin. We add all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat them properly, adding the spices we prefer. A good idea not to always use cornstarch, cornstarch or rice flour.


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