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The first Tik Tak sounds this Tuesday, August 30 in WEEK and it sounds on the sides of the new clarification of the Petro government, which we could say is the clarification of the day, because here we go between announcement and clarification, announcement and clarification.

Yesterday’s was carried out by the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, nothing less than something said by President Petro the day before, what had Petro said? That if a mayor orders a territory to be unconfined, the military are obliged to do so. But what does deconfine mean?

What one would understand of that order is that it consists of demilitarize the presence of our security forces in parts of the country where the public order situation has warranted a special military presence and suddenly a mayor considers not, that they should withdraw from there.

The president’s announcement is still ambiguous, since he is specifically talking about 65 municipalities where the problem of public order is especially concentrated. According to Petro, their mayors can and should convene Unified Command Posts and the units of the Army or the public force located there and the Police must obey the mayor.

What does one understand again? That if there is a military operation underway under a strategy launched by the Army, for example in pursuit of a major drug lord, then this operation will have to stop. What did Minister Prada’s clarification of the day consist of? Well, with that order from Petro, no type of power or authorization is being given so that the mayors of the different regions of the country can order military operations in the areas of their jurisdiction.

According to Prada, what Petro said is much simpler and should not be given a different scope than achieving the coordination of all national institutions for the concrete protection of life. And what is sought is that all the national authorities with a presence in the territory, together with the armed forces, are in coordination so that people are quickly protected in a decentralized manner.

Well, even Minister Prada’s clarification is confusing, he will surely continue to clarify it, but since now that enormous door of negotiation with the drug traffickers and the ELN is opening, it may be perfectly feasible, that given the offer to the illegal gangs that they be they will suspend the arrests for extradition purposes, for example, because a military operation that is carried out against one of those big bosses, that’s why I said it back, can be suspended with the simple order of a mayor.

Mayors would be authorized to organize local or regional dialogues to advance peace approaches. It is a direct and great change of the formula that the previous peace negotiations have established that they are national, because this and other little surprises brings the peace project that would reach Congress the next Tik Tak.

See the second Tik Tak of María Isabel Rueda today, August 30:

Tik Tak: first secrets of the total peace project of the Petro government

At 6:49 am the second Tik Tak sounds today, Tuesday, August 30 in WEEK and sounds around the sides of the first secrets that are known about the total peace project, which is on its way to reaching Congress.

It is already known that for now it only has 16 articles. Among them, the authorization for regional dialogues promoted by the mayors themselves, something that was historically prohibited in the country out of fear to lead to a mess without a general direction from the national government, with each mayor advancing his peace process in his own village and his own dialogues with drug traffickers and guerrillas.

What do we have so far in the total peace project? First, the suspension of arrest and extraction orders for those who negotiate peace with the Executive. The first requirement is that those gangs that negotiate have the direction of a responsible command and exercise such control over a part of the territory that allows them to carry out sustained and concerted military operations.

This would be the first major concern that should be discussed with the authors of the project, because if the groups that are going to receive those benefits from the negotiation, which includes suspending those arrest warrants for their main leaders, go into a period of time while all this is consume, since at that time the criminal organizations could be tempted to demonstrate their territorial power, promoting, for example, confrontations with the Army or the Police in the area to be noticed. That is, increase the confrontation and qualify to receive the reception of the State.

The second concern is that the next president of Colombia would lose the initiative that by Constitution every person who is in office in Colombia has, in other words, the peace and public order initiative; resolve whether to eventually negotiate with whom and why. But not. Negotiations will be held here with the ELN and with any group that has taken up arms against the State or any illegal armed organization that meets the requirements of territorial power that we mentioned earlier.

It is estimated that there would be 26 such groups with which negotiations would be opened, it may be guerrillas, they may be paramilitaries or they may be drug traffickers. But, now comes a trick that ex-president Juan Manuel Santos has already tried successfully in his negotiations with the FARC, and that is that future governments are automatically linked to the decisions that the present resolves.

This is because subsequent governments that arrive have the obligation to continue with any process that has been initiated by the Petro government. That is contemplated in the law that will be negotiated in Congress, because this project contemplates that peace be a State policy, that will commit all the authorities at all levels to which the next governments that arrive must guarantee continuity and conclude, if they have not concluded, the processes that the current Government leaves open and in development.

In other words, let’s take an example: if a possible future government that arrives in the country does not agree with suspending the extradition of the big bosses, then very probably it will not be able to restore it.

Gradually, we will learn what other implications this Total Peace project brings because, among other things, President Petro has already announced that he will promote a great Andean Commission that will put on the table the policy against drug trafficking as we have known it until now. And that, it is true, leaves enough frustrations in its history, but what is coming is collective. Let’s pay attention.

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