Ousmane Dembélé’s injury is confirmed!

Alarms on at FC Barcelona! in the best moment of Ousmane Dembeleprobably since his arrival at the Spotify Camp Nouthe French player was forced to request the change before 25 minutes into the game against Girona on matchday 19 of LaLiga Santander and an injury that could keep him out for a few weeks has already been confirmed.

In a statement issued by the club a few hours after the match, it was confirmed that “lhe tests carried out this afternoon on the first team player Ousmane Dembélé have shown that he is suffering from an injury to the rectus femoris of the left thigh. He is low and the evolution will mark the availability of him “, confirming the worst forecasts of the culés.

It is worth remembering that the French attacker felt some discomfort in his left quadriceps after a race against Girona, he tried to force, but ended up signaling to the Barça bench to go to the bench. Pedri entered the field to relieve him. This is very bad news for Barça, who loses one of their most decisive forwards just at their best moment. The Frenchman had 14 months without injuries, the last occasion was in november 2021since he reappeared, already with Xavi on the bench, he had been regular and was being one of the best of FC Barcelona since the return of the World Cup.

Information from the journalist Helenda Condis, from the ‘COPE’ chain, points out that Dembélé could be out for three weeks after the sensations left by the first explorations in the locker room. Although it remains to be subjected to new tests tomorrow, for now the forecasts are negative. He could miss, if so, the first leg of the Europa League round of 32 against Manchester United.

This is how Dembélé’s injury occurred

Before asking to be substituted, Dembélé went in the race with Arnau Martínez on the left wing and, after losing the ball, it was seen how he was touching his left quadriceps. From the bench they began to worry and began to follow the French attacker, but It was tested and continued to walk in the field for a short time.

At one point, the Frenchman received the ball from the wing and, instead of running, he braked and gave way to a teammate. Immediately, he looked at the Barça technical staff to request the change, with clear signs of pain. He trudged away to the bench, where he was immediately attended to and iced on his left thigh. In the next few days he will undergo medical tests but everything indicates that he could suffer a muscle tear.

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