‘Out of coverage’ investigates the damage caused by the works in San Fernando de Henares

Neighbors affected by the actions of the San Fernando de Henares Metro speak out ‘out of coverage’

Residents of San Fernando de Henares They are desperate. There have been years of noise, annoyance, work and unanswered appeals due to the consequences and damage of the work on Line 7 of the Madrid Metro. How to witness ‘out of coverage’ Many families have been forced to leave their homes How elseThese works have spawned several sequels.,

Gemma opened up the doors of her empty home for the programme. “I decided I couldn’t stand it any more. The noise and the dust; I can’t open the windows in the summer; they keep coming off the frames, the doors don’t close; there’s a squeak that goes through one side of the house… “, he showed the camera. Both its building and other structures have been affected due to the works. ,I am taking antidepressants and anxiolytics, I’m going to therapy. I have had chronic migraines for 14 years, psoriasis…”, she also admits that she is affected by it.

Arantxa, another resident of San Fernando de Henares, also prepared everything in case she had to escape from the building. They were already afraid: “They were drilling between the buildings and our house that they have already demolished a fall occurred, We were quarantined there for a few days until we had a certificate that it was safe to return,” he said.

Neither Jemaa, nor Arantxa, nor neighbors sleeping in tents can explain the abandonment they feel by the administration. YesThere are twenty-four families who camp in a park for weeks and 80% are over the age of eighty. Through tears, they tell Alejandra Andrade about the suffering they are experiencing.

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