Out of Time where it was filmed: location

Out of Time is a 2003 film directed by Carl Franklin, starring Denzel Washington. An intriguing action thriller to say the least, which also sees in its cast the presence of the splendid and talented Eva Mendes.

What are the locations used for Out of Time? Where was the film with Denzel Washington shot? Let’s discover the filming locations together. Here are the main ones and where to find them for a tour on the set almost 20 years after the cinema release.

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Out of Time, plot and cast

Matt Lee Whitlock is the police commander of the town of Banyan Key, Florida. A very quiet place, where something of importance rarely happens. His fellow citizens consider him an honest man but a tragedy threatens to change his life forever.

After separating from his wife Alex, Matt began a relationship with Ann Harrison, who separated from her abusive husband, Chris. The woman is suffering from cancer and her doctor informs her that there is a very expensive treatment that could save her life. Matt is ready to steal $ 1.5 million from a drug raid. All to save her. Everything changes, however, when Ann and Chris are found dead and the clues lead to Matt.

here is the cast of Out of Time:

  • Denzel Washington: Matthias Lee Whitlock
  • Eva Mendes: Alex Diaz-Whitlock
  • Robert Baker: Tony Dalton
  • John Billingsley: Chae
  • Dean Cain: Chris Harrison
  • Alex Carter: Paul Cabot
  • Sanaa Lathan: Ann Merai Harrison
  • Terry Loughlin: Agent Stark
  • Parris Buckner: Doctor Schider
  • Arian Waring Ash: Schider’s assistant
  • James Murtaugh: Doctor Frieland

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Out of Time, where it was filmed

Out of Time, starring Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes, is not set in Florida solely in terms of the script. The production truly drew cast and crew to what is one of the wettest and most scorching states in the United States of America.

To welcome actors and technical staff was mainly the town of Boca Grande, which was largely the backdrop to the events of Carl Franklin’s film. Anyone who wants to find Banyan Key will therefore have to go here, about 200 miles (3 hours drive) from Miami.

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A truly intriguing place, being a community located on Gasparilla Island. If this is the main location, it should be emphasized that the production has also exploited others, all in Florida. Here they are all:

  • You love me
  • Boca Grande
  • Cortez
  • Sarasota

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