Outfits to wear low sandals this summer and look spectacular

The flip flops are the type summer footwear that we certainly have on hand in the wardrobe for the hot season, since it keeps our feet comfortable and fresh, something very important this season.

They are simple, very functional casual and perfect for the ‘street style‘ or casual, youthful and urban fashion, to wear every day, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t also give them a more formal and elegant touch to wear on office attire or a date.

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There are many models, colors and designs, but also low sandals are always very fashionable as they offer many possibilities to build very modern outfits. Here are some suggestions to dress them in style and look fantastic.


The basic combination of pants and low sandals is essential but functional. Make sure the leg is wide and that the length reaches the ankle, to show off the shoes well. Combine as always, balancing the proportions when choosing the top or blouse and that’s it.


of course bring sandals with jeans is the most comfortable option. There is no way to go wrong with this outfit; you can opt for flared and high-waisted jeans to add sophistication to your outfit and a t-shirt for something casual or blouse for more sophistication.


The summery dresses Combined with low sandals, they are the perfect combo for good style and freshness, which is so important on hot days. A long or medium dress is better in these cases, so that there is a balance between the casual and informal touch.


Nothing more comfortable and easy to use on sunny days than shorts and low sandals. They will be a more informal outfit, but ideal for days out, going to the beach, relaxing or on vacation. Wear denim shorts if you want to play it safe.


Summer is also the time to innovate and to put on most flirty clothes that we find Combine with a jumpsuit for example, since the footwear will be that perfect final touch to give to the outfit.

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