Outrage in Italy over the death of a migrant day laborer who was left on the street by his employers with his hands chopped off

Indian laborer Satnam Singh, who died last week Work accident on a farm in the middle of it ItalyAccording to the preliminary results of the autopsy released this Monday, and which was abandoned by its owner on the street with a severed arm, it died due to bleeding.

While controversy continues over the case, the confirmation of his death due to bleeding may be related to the fact that the worker -Working without a contract on a farm in Lazio, central Italy- He did not receive any medical attention or was taken to a hospital after his hand was cut off by a farm machine.

Its owner, the son of a farm owner in the province of Latina, He left her lying near a fruit box in front of his house with her hand cut off and went away. The 31-year-old victim worked without a contract. This time is considered crucial to be able to provide emergency care and save her life.

However, He was admitted to the hospital very late and in a critical condition.Where he died last Wednesday. Due to this the boss has now been charged with manslaughter, negligence and failure to provide relief.

The outrage over what happened has once again highlighted the issue of the so-called “.”Caporalato”, an illegal system of labor exploitation of migrants Very widespread in Italian agriculture.

In Lazio, this reality is especially widespread in the province of Latina, one of the major agricultural centers in the regionWhere the large majority of exploited migrant workers are Indian nationals, in many cases without contracts, and who work 12 hours or more a day for wages of around five euros an hour.

According to data from Italy’s main union CGIL, around 30,000 Indian nationals work in the sector, besides Thousands of other migrants from other countries such as Bangladesh,

It is estimated that around 40% workers in agriculture sector The main regions of southern and central Italy have irregular contracts or no contracts at all, the figure is around 20 or 30% in the central-northern regions. In Italy’s primary sector as a whole, it affects around 230,000 people, about a quarter of all workers.

Given the controversy over the death of an Indian day laborer, CGIL union demonstrated with the support of opposition parties Like the Democratic Party in the city of Latina last Saturday, where a protest is expected this Tuesday by the Indian community with the support of other union groups.

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