Over 50 not vaccinated? They will find you like this

How does the Government intend to enforce the tax on the mandatory vaccine for the age group over 50? Will the 100 euro fine introduced with the latest regulations apply immediately? Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health, returned to the issue on the occasion of the Question Time in the Chamber of January 12, first of all reiterating the following (at 29:38):

We must first of all continue running with the vaccination campaign, especially for older people. For this the government has imposed an obligation over 50 years.

Obligatory vaccine over 50: list with data crossing

The decision almost inevitably ignited a a debate that is not always calm, both in public opinion and among exponents of the political world. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the intervention of Federico Mollicone, deputy of Forza Italia, who (at minute 42:30) defined the current context Green Chaos, a scenario battered by one massacre of privacy implemented by the Government in the name of a rationed freedom by the CTS, the New Ministry of Truth, asking the individual digital sovereignty of Italian data.

It is precisely in the reply to the question that the Minister of Health provided some details regarding the measures adopted with the aim of enforcing the obligation, already included in the text of the decree.

The violation of the vaccination obligation for those over 50 is subject, as is well known, to a financial penalty. The application of the same is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health which, for this purpose, will make use of the Revenue Agency for the operational profiles.

The Ministry of Health, the Tax Authority and fines

THE defaulting parties (those over 50 not vaccinated) will therefore end up in a list compiled by crossing personal data with those relating to adhesion to the vaccine administration campaign, then transmitted to theRevenue Agency.

The Ministry of Health will be responsible for preparing the lists of non-compliant subjects, also by acquiring the information relating to the administration of vaccines acquired daily from the national vaccination register directly from the Health Card system. This information will also be useful for excluding exempt parties from the list of non-compliant parties.

Speranza added that, in addition to the use of computerized systems for verification, the decree provides for a contradictory phase in compliance with the principles enunciated by the Constitutional Court, finally underlining that the entire legislative framework prepared is compliant with the provisions of GDPR at European level.

The Ministry of Health, making use of the Revenue Agency, will send a communication to non-compliant subjects, who will be able to transmit any certification relating to the deferral or exemption of the vaccination obligation to the competent ASL. The standard in question complies with the European regulation 679 of 2016 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

The General Data Protection Regulation provides for the possibility of processing health-related data for purposes of preventive medicine or for public interest purposes in the health sector.

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