Overwatch 2 blocks Bastion nerfs and rules out changes to the “frustrating” Orisa

The Overwatch 2 developers have confirmed another Bastion nerf to weaken the Omnic’s powerful damage, but they’re still not too keen on further balance changes to Orisa.

More nerfs are on the way for some of Overwatch 2’s heroes as the developers continue to scale back changes made to beef up some of the game’s characters after making them too strong.

The OW2 mid-season patch is coming soon and the developers have already started teasing what’s in store, confirming big nerfs for almost all supports and a problematic DPS cast member.

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Bastion has been tearing up the Overwatch 2 ranking ladder for quite some time now thanks to a variety of perks that are slowly catching up with community demand. Curiously, however, that same demand for Orisa nerfs is not being treated in the same way.

Overwatch 2 team confirms Bastion nerfs, but won’t touch Orisa yet

In a recent Director’s Take blog by Aaron Keller, the developer weighed in on comments that Orisa and Bastion were in dire need of additional changes.

“We’re also seeing a lot of talk about Orisa, Zarya, and Bastion,” he wrote, confirming that a “slight nerf” to Bastion’s Assault form would be coming in the midseason patch.

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Orisa in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Orisa will not be weakened again anytime soon.

However, Keller revealed that Orisa’s stats do not warrant a nerf at this time, explaining that at lower ranks, Reinhardt is the top performing tank while Sigma dominates at high ELO.

Keller suspects that players instead find playing against Orisa “frustrating,” but noted that the tank isn’t giving his team the same value as other tank heroes after his adjustments to start Season 7.

That said, the director said that they are monitoring Orisa and are taking a “wait and see” approach, so don’t expect any balance changes to your team until at least the start of Season 8.

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In any case, tank players in Overwatch 2 are about to be in for a treat, as the long-awaited Roadhog rework is set to release shortly after the mid-season patch, and in S8, a brand new tank will join him , which is rumored to be Mauga. mix.

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