Overwatch 2 celebrates its first anniversary

supervision 2 First anniversary party! Millions of players have answered the call and our celebrities have countless rewards.

For three weeks, you’ll be able to play this year’s event modes in Arcade and try to redeem your Overwatch Credits, which you can purchase at an Anniversary Boutique for a limited time, to get your favorite models. Read your keynote to learn more about the Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event!

Week 1 – Winter holidays and Bataille for Olympus

Lors de la première semaine de l’évènement, gardez la tete froide avec le retour des mode de jeu de Féerie hivernale. Participate in the final round of black balls with Operation Black Ball, available in the Elimination and Mort Match version. Let yourself be tested by the epic game modes Chasse au Yéti in 1v5 or Congélimination.

If you prefer the most divine objectives, Bataille pour l’Olympe revient également lors de la première semaine avec les modes de jeu Combat à mort en chacun pour soi et Combat à mort par équipe. Bataille pour l’Olympe brings together numerous characters endowed with the maximum divine abilities to create an effective battle here ébranlera les cieux.

Week 2 – Attack, Pinçamari et Starwatch: Secours galactiques

Get ready to get back on track! Classic Overwatch Attack cards revisited in Arcade. On attack cards, teams must capture or defend two fixed objects. Often considered the most difficult modes due to the intensity and length of the battles, you must ensure coordination and teamwork to achieve victory. Do you think it is better to capture two objects?

We also collect the popular Plaisirs de Pinçamari, our game mode in confirmed elimination that vous branchessez les Pachimari laisses par les adversaires vaincus afin de marquer des points pour votre équipe et remporter la victoire. Plus, save the galaxy with the return of Starwatch: Secours galactiques. In Starwatch, a team of Sentinels (attackers) is forced to free 3CH-O (jouée par Écho) from the infinite weapons of the Empire (defenders) on a card with four objects.

Week 3 – Games of Été and Méfaits et Magie

After the third week of the Anniversary event, pick up the sunscreen and hit the beach with the return of your favorite old-time sports, like Lúcioball and Winston Beach Volleyball.

We also present you the details and the magic, the fashion of the “cache-cache” object, like the knight Genji to adapt it to the story that Kiriko wanted and then transform it into objects to disguise.

Get the credits to buy the models here font leur grand return in the boutique
You can earn up to 3,000 Overwatch Credits in all of the above-mentioned categories offered at the same time. Use them to purchase premium models in the Anniversary Credits Boutique, such as Space Pirate Cassidy, Sigma Apiculteur, Lúcio Hermès, and more! You can also save your credits to get other popular models in the coming seasons.

No later: the Overwatch 2 2023 Anniversary Event will be available on October 9, and the Anniversary Boutique will disappear on October 16.

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