Overwatch 2 Franchise Should Collaborate Next

Collaborations are incredibly popular in live service multiplayer games like Dead by daylight and fortnite, many of which focus on anime. More recently, games have also started doing crossovers for popular K-Pop artists, with great success. supervision 2‘s The skins inspired by LE SSERAFIM became Steam bestsellers, despite the barrage of reviews and controversy surrounding the game.

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Overwatch 2 another collaboration to date that gave skins of Genji, Kiriko, Doomfist and Soldier for One hit man The characters were also a big hit, with Doomfist making a particularly appropriate Saitama. supervision 2 He will most likely continue to collaborate with other groups and franchises in the future, with fans speculating which ones they would like the most or are most likely to appear in the game.

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10 Sailor Moon is a classic magical girl series with tons of options

Franchise: Sailor Moon, potential skins: Mercy as Sailor Moon, Cassidy or Reaper as Tuxedo Mask, Symmetra as Sailor Pluto

sailor moon is a classic magical girl series that has been around since the early 1990s and still has a dedicated fanbase decades later. There are a lot of magical girl franchises. supervision 2 I could potentially collaborate, but sailor moon has options for a wide range of characters.

Both Usagi herself and Tuxedo Mask are iconic choices, with Mercy making the perfect choice for the former and characters like Cassidy and Reaper being suitable for the latter. Symmetra also fits well with Sailor Pluto, and there are also non-human characters and monsters to potentially get creative with.

9 Reinhardt and Bastion would be perfect transformers

Franchise: Transformers, potential skins: Reinhardt as Optimus Prime, Ramattra as Scourge, Bastion as Megatron or Bumblebee

Many of the robot members of Overwatch 2 The cast is perfect for Transformers masks, highlighting some in particular. Reinhardt fits right in with Optimus Prime and could transform into his truck mode as he charges at enemies as a satisfying touch.

Others like Ramattra and Bastion are good choices, and one fan gave Ramattra a design based on Scourge, the main antagonist of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Bastion already has a look that resembles Shockwave, but it’s not an official collaboration and would be cool as other characters like Megatron or Bumblebee.

8 Wrecking Ball would be a perfect Pikachu

Franchise: Pokémon, Potential Skins: Wrecking Ball as Pikachu, D.Va, Tracer, or Kiriko as Pokémon Trainers, Widowmaker as Jessie

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While their weapons wouldn’t make much sense in-universe, supervision 2 and Pokemon They are colorful worlds that would work well together. Hammond is an obvious choice for Pikachu, even if Ash’s iconic Pikachu hates being inside the Poké Ball that Wrecking Ball would be designed around.

many of Overwatch 2 The female cast would work for the main Pokémon trainers throughout the anime, with D.Va making a good Dawn while Kiriko could be May. Tracer as Misty would fit especially well if supervision 2 He also gave Widowmaker a look inspired by Team Rocket’s Jessie.

7 The Overwatch 2 characters are great Marvel superheroes (or supervillains)

Franchise: Marvel; Potential Skins: Widowmaker as Spider-Gwen or Spiderwoman, Pharah or Genji as Iron Man, Soldier 76 as Captain America

Marvel is a popular franchise with a lot of great options for Overwatch 2 hero-centered universe. The success of Overwatch 2 One hit man The collaboration proves that hero-themed skins are popular with fans and Wonderful has plenty of popular choices that work well with the cast.

Widowmaker would fit in with Spiderwoman or Spider-Gwen, the latter being a good choice due to the recent success of Through the Spider-Verse. A Captain America skin would be great for Soldier 76, and the Iron Man-themed outfit suits both Genji and Pharah.

6 A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Crossover Would Be an Outrageously Good Time

Franchise: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure; Potential Skins: Ramattra as Jotaro, Soldier 76 or Reinhardt as Joseph (young/old), Cassidy as Hol Horse

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is known for his outrageous and colorful character designs, making him perfect for a supervision 2 collaboration. There’s already an in-game spray of Lifeweaver striking a JoJo pose, and maps like Paris include little references to the crazy anime.

Both Overwatch 2 The human and non-human cast fit perfectly into a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure skin lines. Soldier 76 and Reinhardt could be the second and third Joseph Joestar, respectively, while Cassidy is a clear fit for Hol Horse and Ramattra is an excellent Jotaro.

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist, potential skins: Ashe and Bob as Edward and Alphonse, Reinhardt as Armstrong, Brigitte as Winry

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There is an absolutely perfect opportunity to supervision 2 collaborate with Full Metal Alchemist if they turn Ashe Edward Elric and Bob into his brother, Alphonse. Other fans have also depicted Junkrat and Roadhog as the Elric brothers, and Sigma could function as their final enemy in Fraternity, Father.

Reinhardt is an obvious choice for Alex Louise Armstrong, both dedicated to protecting others with loud and brash personalities. Finally, Brigitte is a perfect fit for Winry, as they are both good-hearted mechanics who will jump to the front to defend what they believe in.

4 D.Va’s Mech fits perfectly into the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe

Franchise: Neon Genesis Evangelion, potential skins: D.Va as Asuka

Although there have been no official crossovers, there are skins in one of the other Blizzard games that reference Neon Genesis Evangelion. In Heroes of the Storm, Both D.Va and Genji have alternate skins that are mostly color changes of their base palettes to look more like Asuka and Unit-01, respectively.

Neither exists in supervision 2, However, fans of Blizzard’s hero-shooter are holding out hope for a crossover, or at least these palette swaps. A direct crossover could give D.Va an Asuka look instead of just a color change that references her and other characters that could work well in the Evangelion The universe includes Pharah and Widowmaker.

3 Overwatch 2 May Creatively Reference Eren’s Final Form in Attack On Titan

Franchise: Attack On Titan, Potential Skins: Ramattra as the Founding Titan, Mercy and Pharah as Historia and Ymir

Attack the titans The anime recently concluded after a decade, and Eren’s monstrous form as the Founding Titan was on full display in the final arc. A fan creatively created a concept look for Ramattra based on this design, with the artist noting that they are similar not only in design, but also in character.

His staff and arms uniquely incorporate elements of ODM Gear, weaving Attack the titans tradition in every part of this concept of Ramattra. Other good candidates for Attack on Titan Skins include the popular couple Mercy and Pharah, who would fit well with Historia and Ymir, respectively.

2 Dragon Ball Cast Would Work Well With Overwatch 2’s Futuristic Heroes

Franchise: Dragon Ball, potential skins: Genji as Future Trunks, Zenyatta as Beerus, Echo as Perfect Cell

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Dion Rogers, art director of supervision 2, has shared what aspects he would like to see if a collaboration were carried out with Dragon Ball ever happened. These included Kiriko as Bulma, Roadhog as Majin Buu, and Baptiste as Vegeta, with Roadhog especially standing out as a creative and fun choice.

Fans have come up with their own ideas for Dragon Ball crossover skins, including Genji getting a Future Trunks skin. Some of Overwatch 2 The heroes fit perfectly Dragon Balls villains, surprisingly, with Zenyatta fitting as Beerus and Echo potentially being Cell’s perfect form.

1 Overwatch 2 and My Hero Academia are bright, hero-centric worlds

Franchise: My Hero Academia, potential skins: Junkrat as Bakugo, Reinhardt as All Might, Brigitte as Izuku

my hero academia and supervision 2 They are both colorful worlds centered on heroes full of personality, so a collaboration between them works perfectly. Of all, the most obvious choice for a my hero academia The skin is Junkrat, who is a perfect explosion-loving Bakugo.

Reinhardt makes sense as All Might, and Brigitte being Izuku is cute given the history between the two and how Brigitte looks up to Reinhardt as an unstoppable hero. Other options include Doomfist as One For All, although it’s unclear if he would get another superhero crossover skin so soon after getting one for One Punch Man Saitama.

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