Overwatch 2: Introducing the new heroine Illari and the contents of season 6

Snow storms released a new trailer for the Season 6 of surveillance 2 also introducing a new support hero: illars.

The upcoming season will see players fighting against a Legion of Omnics from Sector Zerobut there are many new things to come!

This is what we know.

Overwatch 2: Illari and all the news of the new season

Before we talk about it, let’s take a look together at the trailer shared on the Overwatch official YouTube channel.

The sixth season of the Blizzard shooter seems to refocus on the elusive story of surveillance 2Pitting the heroes against the fearsome hordes of Sector Zero, in a PVE event, adds two new PVP maps and shakes up the meta with the release of a new Support that seems to have some great abilities.

Details about Illari

Let’s talk about the New Entry!

llari is Overwatch’s 38th hero. In keeping with its Inca name (meaning “dawn”), it features a number of sun-inspired motifs on its toolbox. his frail gun seems to have both a scan attack mode than a bullet and apparently it is propelled by a ball of light similar to that of the sun.

His healing ability, similar to Baptiste’s healing grenades.is a projectile that sticks to surfaces and fires a beam of light at nearby allies.

His ultimate allows him to hover in the air and hit enemies with a powerful ball of light. Illari seems to be a very good healer, on par with Anaand that it does not focus only on treatments.

Illari Overwatch 2 season 6

More news

The first half of the trailer was dedicated to the new hero, but the second half of the trailer showed off a lot of new content coming soon, including:

  • Flash Points: a new PvP mode
  • New maps: Survasa and the new junk city
  • hero mastery: A new game mode where you can test your skills with characters like Mercy AND reinhardt in a simulation of battle against bots.
  • A new cooperative event called “Underworld
  • new skins for all-encompassing heroes
  • Event dedicated to the anniversary of the game

It will not take long for us to know in detail the novelties that will be introduced in the sixth season of surveillance 2 It will be available from August 10.

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