Overwatch 2 Invasion: Season 6 and the new support hero

With an official trailer that you can find at the end of the article, surveillance 2 from the launch to the sixth season called Invasion, the new chapter of the saga. Among the news announced, there will be new story missions, a new game mode, a new support hero and much more.

Coming soon tomorrow August 10, the new season will present illars, a new support hero who uses a weapon powered by the power of the sun with abilities similar to Zenyatta and Kiriko. Of Peruvian origin, he will be a balanced character between damage and support, with a main weapon that shoots beams of solar energy to deal damage to enemies and two healing powers. Her abilities include jumping to high places, a healing drone, and an ultimate that launches her into the air and allows her to fire a ball of solar energy. It is also likely that a secondary (healing) weapon was not shown in the trailer. The trailer also shows off a wide variety of skins (including a robotic Ana).

Among the novelties of this new season of surveillance 2 we find three cooperative PvE missions (which can be purchased for around €15), a PvE event mission set in King’s Row, a new game mode called Flashpoint, two new maps called New Junk City and Suravasa (playable in Flashpoint) and a specific single player mission. to hone your skills with certain heroes.

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