Overwatch 2 is already polishing Roadhog a few days after the rework


  • Roadhog’s overhaul in Overwatch 2 includes an upgrade to his Take a Breather ability, which now constantly recharges and provides 450 health.
  • The Overwatch 2 team plans to make additional adjustments to Roadhog’s Take a Breather ability to increase its overall impact.
  • Fans are speculating about possible changes to Roadhog’s new Pig Pen trap and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Tank hero, Mauga, in season 8.

Just a few days after its reworking went live, the supervision 2 The team is determined to give Roadhog another upgrade for one of his most important abilities. Season 7 of supervision 2which brought a much-requested overhaul to DPS hacker Sombra, is in its final stretch as players eagerly await the next hero, a Samoan tank named Mauga, arriving in early December as part of Season 8.

Roadhog’s rework has finally arrived after it was first announced in early 2023. The primary and secondary fire of his scrap gun have been combined into one so that each shot is effective at short and medium range. Roadhog’s Take a Breather self-healing ability also saw a big change as part of the redesign. Instead of a one-use ability, he now has a meter similar to Moira’s primary healing or D.Va’s Defense Matrix, but with a one-second cooldown. With this change, Roadhog players now have a constantly refilling pool of 450 health in their pocket, ready to use at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, the supervision 2 The team gave Roadhog an all-new ability, a device called the Pig Pen, which damages and slows trapped targets and creates a dastardly combo when used in conjunction with Roadhog’s grappling hook.

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On twitter, supervision 2Lead hero designer Alec Dawson revealed that Roadhog’s newly modified Take a Breather ability will be subject to some additional adjustments, specifying that the change will arrive in supervision 2 before the weekend. Responding to a reply on the tweet, Dawson confirmed that it would indeed be an improvement, although the exact nature of the improvement is unknown.

Some may be surprised to see the supervision 2 team seeking to give a boost to the controversial self-healing ability. It will be interesting to see if they completely remove the one second cooldown from the ability and make it work the same as Moira’s healing. By doing so, the team would likely have to reduce the recharge rate as well as the penalty for emptying the meter. However, it is more likely that instead of hitting the cooldown, the supervision 2 The team can simply increase the total healing amount from 450 or modify the recharge rate of Take a Breather.

Roadhog has increased his viability at all range thresholds, but there is room here to increase the overall impact of Take a Breather. -Alec Dawson

Other fans in the tweet asked about changes to Roadhog’s new Pig Pen trap, asking for a greater deployment range or even the ability to activate it remotely. Time will tell if other aspects of the Roadhog rework will see further adjustments after this Take a Breather buff. supervision 2 Tank players won’t have to wait long for the next Tank to arrive in the game, as Mauga’s arrival in Season 8 is just a few weeks away.

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October 4, 2022

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