Overwatch 2 Main Tanks Claim Players ‘Misunderstand’ Their Role

Overwatch 2’s top tanks have taken to social media to defend their “misunderstood” role to some members of the player base.

In Overwatch 2, each hero plays one of three main roles: DPS, support, and tank. While some heroes combine elements of each role, they all specialize in one key pillar.

As a team hero shooter, having a good mix of heroes in each role is a must for a well-rounded team. This means that players must understand the ins and outs of the role they play.

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However, it seems that some Tank leaders still think the community hasn’t fully understood how the Tank role works in Overwatch 2, even after all these years.

Overwatch 2 main tanks feel misunderstood by the community

A post on the Overwatch subreddit titled “A lot of people don’t understand tanks in this game” sparked an interesting discussion among community members.

The OP said: “I see a lot of people think that the tank is just a big damage and so-called sponge, but that’s not true at all. “I don’t know where this misconception about the role comes from, but I really wish it wasn’t so widely believed.”

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They go on to explain that tanks are, first and foremost, “aggressive space occupiers.” “They don’t sit back, they take your hand and take all the enemy’s shit for you. They get in close, kill things, force engagements and cooldowns, and allow their team to advance.”

The player used Reinhardt’s shield as an example of a common mistake. “Reinhard’s shield, for example, is not for his team to stay behind him to be safe from damage, it is for Rein to use himself to push up without taking too much damage.”

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Many fellow tankers commented on the post in agreement with the points raised. “You’re absolutely right, but you’re about to get a lot of comments from people who aren’t ready to hear this yet…” one player said.

Others mentioned that it’s not entirely any player’s fault, as the tank is a complex role in Overwatch 2. “I don’t blame people who think tanks should stay on objective or be a meat shield. It’s much easier to understand a Support or DPS job in this game than a Tank job,” said another fan.

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Of course, others in the comments expressed why they tend to stay away from the Tank role for one reason or another. Needless to say, Tank isn’t the easiest role to fill in Overwatch 2.

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