Overwatch 2 Players Have a Solution to Recast Mercy and the Solution is Dual Wielding

Liam Ho

Overwatch 2 players believe they have a solution to reworking Mercy, and the solution they offer turns the Swiss doctor into anything but a pacifist.

Swiss doctor Mercy has been a fairly controversial hero in Overwatch 2. Mercy can run from one ally to another, making sure they stay nice and healthy thanks to her Caduceus staff. And if an ally ever falls to the ground, she can bring them back with her resurrection ability.

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Mercy can not only heal her and revive her allies, but she can also increase the amount of damage they deal. Mercy can switch between a healing ray or a damaging ray, giving her ally power to choose from.

Mercy’s damage beam has been a point of contention in the past, where her damage bonus often exceeded health thresholds, making certain DPS heroes much stronger than others. Players have requested that the ability be removed or changed, and one player is now offering an unconventional review.

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OW2 Players Suggest Reworking Dual Wield System for Mercy

Overwatch 2 players have offered an overhaul of Mercy that makes her less pacifist than before. While Mercy uses her Caduceus staff, she is completely unable to cause damage. That is unless she pulls the gun from her in moments of self-defense.

However, in this new revision, Mercy will be able to wield both her pistol and staff, allowing the support hero to dual-wield. The hero would have to give up his ability to increase damage, but could help his team deal her own damage.

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This is similar to other supports that have been released in Overwatch 2 such as Kiriko, Lifeweaver, and Illari, who are capable of dealing damage while also healing their team.

Who knows if the developers are open to reworking Mercy, but with the release of Mauga and the recent rework of Roadhog, support may get some love at a later date.

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