Overwatch 2 players still frozen in the Colosseum

Overwatch 2 players have discovered a strange bug that essentially traps players against an invisible wall, preventing them from moving and leaving them exposed to competitors.

The issue, which has been around for some time, primarily affects players on the Colosseum map and causes players to become trapped. Without the help of characters like Lifeweaver and Mei’s movement abilities to get them out of position, they too will be trapped.

Overwatch 2: Mauga game reveal.

Despite many players reporting that they were also stuck in this exact location like a myriad of different players, it doesn’t seem like Blizzard has been able to fix the issue yet.

“I’ve seen that exact spot posted on this sub four times and I’m not very active in checking it out. It must be a pretty common problem,” said one player.

“I was stuck there like Moira!” confirmed another (thanks, GameRant). “It happened towards the end of my competition match. I was so angry lol.”

My friend got stuck on this pixel in Colosseos during the competition.
byu/Acceptable-Dress-794 in Overwatch

Blizzard kicked off its BlizzCon opening ceremony with a little Overwatch 2 blast, including a reveal of the series’ 39th hero, the Mauga tank with a machine gun.

Admittedly, Mauga’s announcement didn’t come as a huge surprise, given that he inadvertently had a pre-show preview on the Switch’s eShop news channel, but as seen in his reveal trailer, Mauga, which means “mountain” in Samoan, he is armed with two Chainguns: affectionately known as Gunny and Cha-Cha.

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