Overwatch League, Blizzard’s largest esports competition, has been running for a long time

The esports sector is experiencing one Transition period after the boom that has been in existence for a year. As video game competitions experienced a sharp rise in popularity, they attracted new competitors and created new clubs or competitions that could help this part of the video game industry.

In 2023 the situation is very different although electronic sports are still in good shapeespecially if we are together in the big international gaming competitions like Counterattack 2 either League of Legendsyes we are in a ptransition period where a good cast of actors are retiring from the front line.

One of them is Blizzard League and Overwatchthe most important esports league in the American studio It was based in France. which cost the participants up to 20 million dollars and which carried out at a record pace in 2018 exceeding 415,000 spectators on its opening day.

However, as the years passed The league has faced different crises and following the popularity of what brought Blizzard to participating clubs, it will return the decision to put an end to the competitionsomething that the American company has confirmed on the PC Gamer portal.

“We are Overwatch League Transition to Take Competitive Overwatch in a New Directionn,” says Blizzard. “We are I thank everyone who has the OWL possible. and we are focused on creating our own vision of esports with a revitalized program. We will share more details soon.”

The Overwatch League finale will cost $120 million

Pass on this press release from Blizzard. There are several clubs that have also announced their Overwatch League campaign. These clubs, in fact, will receive a compensation of 6 million dollars each to finish the league before the hope, which is multiplied by the 20 involved, adds up. 120 million dollars that Blizzard will pay at the end of the Overwatch League.

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