Ovidio Guzmán and Chávez Jr. have a family relationship: Julio César’s son revealed everything

The capture of drug trafficker Ovidio Guzmán and the wave of violence that broke out in Sinaloa, including the cancellation of sporting events, caused the name of Julio César Chávez Jr, like that of his father, to begin to be associated with the son of Chapofor which the former world champion clarified his family relationship with him.

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The son of the legend revealed through his Instagram account that the relationship he has with the offspring of Chapo Guzmán is merely due to his stepdaughter Frida Sofía.

The fighter commented that they know Ovid as the ‘Mouse’ He is his daughter’s uncle, and although he knows him well, he asked that he not be associated with the heir of Chapo Guzmán in any other way.

“Ovid? The mouse? He is my daughter’s uncle, who she’s been my daughter a long time. I know him well and he is a good person, with me he is a great person, I don’t know what they say elsewhere, ”she mentioned in a live on her Instagram account.

Julio César Chávez explained that all the people he gets along with or who are close to him are very kind, and they become a good friendshipespecially with the people of Sinaloa.

“I get along with everyone, don’t hook me up with anyonethe only relationship I have is with this boy (Ovidio Guzmán) because he is my daughter’s uncle and that’s why nothing else, “he shared.

“I get along with everyone, with the one who sells chewing gum, flowersthe one who is fart in the club, the Toys, with the Mouse… I get along well with everyone and thank God I am given the opportunity and I would like to give them the opportunity to make them aware of those things that do not appear everywhere, “he closed. .

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