Own Every Dollar members sentenced to life in prison

About 16 band members Own Every Dollar (OED)considered to be one of the most dangerous criminal gangs in NY, were charged before the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York with committing multiple extortion, narcotics and firearms offenses, including murder and attempted murder.

OED is a subset of the Los Trinitarios gang, who were responsible for the machete death of Lesandro Junior Guzmán in a Bronx warehouse in 2018.

The prosecution has asked for the death penalty or life imprisonment for some of the defendants.. US Attorney Damian Williams said the defendants have killed five victims in the last four years, committed 13 shootings and seven robberies or attempted robberies.

The defendants are: Jowenky Núnez Jr., alias “Juju”, Jerrín Pena, alias “Rooga” or “Perry”, Justin Daeza, alias “Booka” or “Pepito”, Wilson Mendez, alias “Tati”, Brian Hernández, alias “Malikai”, Hugo Rodríguez, aka “Juice”, Mayovanex Rodríguez, aka “Menorcito”, Johann Zapata, aka “Zapata”, Elvis Trejo, aka “Po Po”, Steven Joaquín aka “Baby Gunz”, Iyaury Rodríguez-Rosario aka “Bricha”, Jowenly Nuñez alias “Bala”, Argenis Tavarez alias “Nariz” or “A-Kash”, Víctor Colón alias “V”, José Gutiérrez alias “G” and Nijmah Marte, alias “N” or “Nena”, are members or associates of the OED gang.

young offenders

The prosecution accuses five of them of committing one or more of a total of five murders in the Bronx and Manhattan, while 11 others are accused of committing one or more of a total of 12 attempted murders.

Two of the gang members who are charged with murder or attempted murder are just 16 and 17 years old.

“Our indictment alleges that over the last four years, the OED has wreaked havoc in this city, committing multiple murders, numerous armed robberies, shootings, assaults, and also trafficking in dangerous drugs, including fentanyl,” the prosecutor said. US Attorney Damian Williams.

The prosecutor’s report details more than 22 crimes, with the name, place and date where the criminal acts were committed.

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