Özil assures that he did not expect to be separated from Fenerbahçe

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Since he left of the real Madrid, Mesut Ozil could not be the player again what marveled at world from South Africa 2010. The midfielder was one of the best players in Europe for a few years, however, when he left the white club due to poor performance, things were never the same. Now, he lives another difficult moment in Turkey.

Looked like what to sign for him Fenerbahce it was one good idea to return to their level and make the Turkish fans happy, however, their performance has been very far than was expected in the club, so Recently was pulled apart the equipment with his partner Ozan Tufan.

Our soccer team players Mesut Özil and Ozan Tufan were excluded from the squad“, communicated the Turkish team last Thursday morning. The former Real Madrid player was separated due to his poor performance, as well as his differences with coach Ismail Kartal.

However, Ozil ensures that did not know completely this situation, which the Turkish team seemed to have contemplated for a long time. “I went to Germany on vacation on my days off. When I got back to Istanbul I called the person in charge of the plan training. He told me there was no need to go to training,” said the former international with the Mannschaft.

Despite its high technical quality, Özil only left glimpses of the great player he could become at Arsenal, team that supported him when he left Real Madrid in 2013. After indiscipline and several bad matchesthe English team decided to set him asideuntil in Turkey they gave him an opportunity, which he would have already lost.

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