Pablo Berger, Carlota Pereda and Alex de la Iglesia confirmed at Sitges Festival

Director Alex de la Iglesia (EFE)

Paul Berger, charlotte pareda, Alex de la Iglesia And lee unkrich Some of the first confirmed guests for the next edition, the 56th edition of Sitges International Fantastic Film Festivalthat will happen October 5 to 15,

In a presentation of the first progress of the programming, the director of the competition, Ángel Sala, indicated that “the representation of Catalan and Spanish productions will be of fundamental importance in the 56th edition”.

al yes Paco Plaza’s return announced with opening film “Hermana Muerte” Pablo Berger will be paired with the animated film “Robot Dreams”; director Carlota Pereda (“Serdita”) with the world premiere of “La Ermita”, a supernatural drama starring Belen Rueda; and the already classic of Sitges Alex de la Iglesia, which will introduce the second season of the HBO series “30 Coins”.

30 Coins Season 2 Trailer

In this series, de la Iglesia stars Eduard Fernández, Megan Montaner, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez and an international cast with de Najwa Nimri and Paul Giamatti.

In Sitges, Sala added, There will be a notable presence of “serialized genre fiction”., a Prime Video original as an Andalusian supernatural thriller with a vampire background, directed by Tomás Peña, with appearances from other series such as “Romancero”; “The Other Side” (Movistar+), produced by and starring Berto Romero and directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto De Toro.

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The next edition of the festival will serve “Check out the excellent state of health of the French Fantastic”, which would include titles such as the apocalyptic “Aside” by Just Philpott; Thomas Kelly’s “The Animal Kingdom” about change and mutation, starring Romain Duris and Adele Exarchopoulos; “Vincent Must Die”, written by Stefang Castang, is a tragedy about a man who is wanted by a mob of unknown people; or “Conan”, in which Bertrand Mandico signs off on a madcap parable about old age killing his youth, retelling the myth of Conan in the feminine and plural.

Sitges will accommodate the emerging cinematography of the genre represented by the Malaysian “Tiger Stripes” by Amanda Nel Eu; Pakistani “In Flames” by Zarrar Kahn; the Congolese “Omen” by rapper Baloji; or the Filipino “In My Mother’s Skin”, by Kenneth Lim Dagaton.

Other titles setting trends this year and which will also appear at the Barcelona Festival are “Late Night with the Devil” by New Zealand’s Cameron and Colin Carins; “Witchcraft” by Christopher Murray; Or “Club Zero”, a new and controversial work of Jessica Hausner, with Mia Wasikowska.

they won’t miss Documentary film about the genre such as “Enter the Clones of Bruce” by David Gregory; “Disturbances in the Force” by Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak; Or “Kedan.” Strange Stories of Japanese Ghosts”, by Yves Montmayer, about the fascination the Japanese terror exerted on the public.

At the festival, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its premiere The “classic” of the genre “Mutant Action”, the debut film of Alex de la Iglesia, will be screened, Which will come alongside another classic, Tinto Brass’s eternally controversial “Caligula,” now in its latest directorial version, “closer in spirit to Gore Vidal.”

Announced guests include two-time Oscar winner Lee Unkrich, one of Pixar’s great directorsWhich will reveal some of the ins and outs of one of his significant passions, the film “The Shining”, which he has been analyzing and researching for over twenty years.

Sitges will also pay tribute to Mary Lambert, who was the first woman to direct a zombie feature film, with “Living Cemetery”; Lamberto Bava, son of Mario Bava, who will receive an honorary award; and actress Barbara Bouchet, who is engaged to an Italian. Giallo’, who would go on to collect the Nosferatu Prize.

Charles Band will present another classic of the horror genre, “The Primevals,” a legendary film from the ’80s that was never finished due to financial problems.

Information prepared by EFE.

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