Pablo Lavallén after the victory against UPNFM “We were effective and at times we tipped the balance”


Olimpia returned to the path of victory and did so very effectively by win 3-0 as a visitor against the Wolves of the UPNFM, rival who won away from home since 2019.

Pablo Lavallén, coach of the merengues, highlighted his team’s victory and even more by recognizing the strengths that his rival had.

“We’re facing a team that plays well, likes to keep possession of the ball and the result is important because of the opponent we’re facing”.

Despite the victory against the university team, the merengues coach did not miss out to mention the aspects that he did not like about his team.

“You have to adapt to the medium you’re working in and you have to be smart. In the first half we lost the ball because we wanted to go out playing with passes in the middle and since we couldn’t control them we lost them. We have to be smart and realize it quickly, since a mistake can leave the team losing and then it becomes very difficult “

Lavallén lamented certain criteria of the referees to report the time lost in the match. “I really didn’t understand, but I don’t want to talk about the referees, since it seems that I am against it. If I see that a player falls, he goes on a stretcher like in other games before Motagua, Lifetime and time is wasted, it is perfect that they give five minutes”

“I approached the fourth referee respectfully and they don’t answer you, I don’t really know how we can understand what is happening if they don’t explain what they are charging you. The UPNFM goal could have fallen, and I don’t want them to favor me or harm me, but to charge what has to be charged “

Regarding the idea of ​​the game that is implemented in his mandate with the Olympia.

“We have times when the team understands that we must play and does it very well and at times they make mistakes that we have already repeated in other games. Unfortunately we have had to change for injured players and we have not been able to maintain continuity in the eleven, but this helps me to see the players and thus face a second round and with whom I will take more into account for the starting lineup ” .

The coach of the meringues recognizes the need to add to the university.

“Olimpia always has the duty to add, but to win a game you have to do something less than the rival, but it can also happen that you do nothing and win it and that doesn’t make you better. Today Olimpia for a while found a way to hurt him down the right wing with Pinto and we had several clear situations”.

The victory allows Olimpia to remain in second place in the standings, but highlights that the game was very even at times.

“The game was tight, even, I think we were effective and at times we tipped the balance. From the 25th minute of the first half we began to play easy, well planted because they know how to handle the ball and they were able to hurt us a couple of times in the first few minutes. This is about hits and misses and today we had them”, he concluded.

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