Pablo López invites you to his recording studio: “It’s like when they welcome you into heaven”


A powerful and romantic tune at the same time

Paul Lopez

wish to hear the next record work in full Paul Lopez It just grows. Over the past year we’ve been able to see two previews of what the new album will be like, which we can assure you sounds epic, and all that really means is that we can’t wait any longer.

About And biggest hug ever These are the two songs that the man from Malaga has officially published, but there are already several tracks that he has left behind. Last, perhaps the biggest and most suggestive. The artist has dared to share a video from inside the recording studio.

In this we can see an orchestra recording the tunes april, the title under which the new song of Pablo López will be presented. This is in the wake of the two most recent releases, so, knowing what they are and knowing this preview, there’s no doubt that what’s coming is huge.

Malaga to London

singer-songwriter is gone Abbey RoadOne of the most famous recording studios in the world, located in London. Such great personalities have arrived at this place The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, among many others, and now it is the turn of the great Pablo López.

The singer-songwriter went there with the sole reason of making songs to be happy, as Lopez himself says in the video, although he also regrets that the team he is working with doesn’t speak much English. I have to communicate. “I’d love to have a talk in Malaga, but there’s no way”the singer said amidst laughter.

Pablo López, strong but at the same time romantic

Without a doubt, even if we’ve only heard a small fraction, the melodies created by stringed instruments sound amazingly good. strong and romantic at the same timeOf those who hear a stir in the heart.

I think this is how they welcome you in heaven, wrote a follower in Pablo’s publication, who has received several messages in response to this great news. in fact, until Daniel Martin He’s seized the opportunity and admits he sees the edge “A Beauty”.

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