Packaging Latam – Watt’s together with Tetra Pak promote healthy eating and physical activity

Watt’s together with Tetra Pak promote healthy eating and physical activity in schoolchildren with the “Go Challenge” augmented reality experience. Yogu Yogu, Watt’s, Shake Shake and Loncoleche already have a code that, when scanned through the PackStory application, redirects to an interactive game that encourages physical activity in a fun and educational way.

Eating behavior has changed in recent years mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fast food and access to food delivery applications have influenced the habits of Chileans, including those of children and adolescents. Additionally, according to the Junaeb Nutritional Map, obesity in schoolchildren increased from 23.5% to 25.4% in the 2019-2020 period, explained, in turn, by a lower level of physical activity during quarantines and online classes.

The same study maintains that young children are the ones with the worst nutritional situation. In prekindergarten, obesity reaches 28.6%; in kindergarten, 29.5% and in first grade, 27.9%. In these first three courses, 4 out of 10 children suffer from severe obesity.

On the other hand, according to the latest Healthy Chile study focused on snacks by Fundación Chile, fathers and mothers with children between 0 and 12 years old value healthy attributes when choosing foods for their sons and daughters. Half of them consider it important that foods and drinks are low in sugar, as well as fat and sodium.

To encourage physical activity in minors, Watt’s, a food company, together with Tetra Pak, a leader in food processing and packaging solutions, presented 2021 with the Loncoleche, Yogu Yogu and Néctar Watts brands, a innovative augmented reality experience called “Go Dancers”, in which, through World Tracking technology, characters interact in children’s homes, dancing and inviting them to perform entertaining choreographies.

Following the same line, and with the return to classes, this year they launched “Go Challenge” with the snacks mentioned above, in addition to Shake Shake.

In this way, now children and adolescents will not only be able to enjoy healthy and stamp-free snacks, but they will also be able to motivate themselves to continue dancing and exercising, imitating the characters that appear in the experience, which like its predecessor live in Tetra Pak’s PackStory app, which is powered by augmented reality technology and can be downloaded on Android and iOS systems.

“Go Challenge” will also deliver incredible prizes to further encourage physical activity in children, whether at home or during breaks, alone or with friends. These rewards will range from speakers, Spikeball and soccer goals, to a Play Station 5 with the game Just Dance to keep you moving.

How to participate with “Go Challenge”?

1) Download the Packstory App in the Play Store or App Store, depending on the smartphone.

2) Scan the code printed on the sticker attached to the packaging of the Loncoleche, Yogu Yogu, Shake Shake and Watts snacks.

3) Accept the challenge and imitate the movements of the character.

4) Share image on Instagram from the app, tagging the account @gochallengecl and 2 friends.

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