Packers would consider trading Aaron Rodgers to Raiders, Jets or Miami


A 17-year story could be finished this summer, since information from a renowned specialist from the nfl in the United States suggests that Green Bay Packers could ditch Aaron Rodgersthe quarterback who continued Brett Favre’s legacy at Lambeau Field and with whom they won Super Bowl XLV.

According to ESPN journalist Adam Schefter, Green Bay would consider trading Aaron Rodgers to an AFC teamthis to avoid having to face him in some hypothetical Postseason duel, although the departure of the quarterback would mean a reconstruction in the Cheese Heads team.

Why would Green Bay let Rodgers go?

The huge contract signed recently by the UCLA graduate could be the main reason to trade him, since Green Bay would lighten the wage bill with the departure of Rodgersallowing them to use that money to bolster various positions on a roster that would face reengineering.

The public comments of discontent from Aaron Regarding the work of a part of the Packers board, which has strained the relationship for a long time, is another of the factors that Schefter mentions as a reason to think that we have seen the last of the quarterback at Lambeau Field, this year staying out of the playoffs.

Yes ok Rodgers is owed about $110 million in guaranteed money Over the next two years, an amount he isn’t expected to walk away from, the Packers also have to decide on the fifth-year option of quarterback Jordan Love that would be worth roughly $20 million fully guaranteed by May 1.

What team could Aaron Rodgers play for?

If it is true that Green Bay would only negotiate with teams from the American Conference, there are three potential destinations for the quarterback that could make the one who receives his services a contender to dream of reaching the Super Bowl in 2024.

Las Vegas Raiders, who will not continue with Derek Carr in the position, emerge as one of the main teams to take Rodgers, although there are also versions that they would go for Tom Brady. The other two franchises are the Miami Dolphins (because of the uncertainty with Tua Tagovailoa and his history of shocks) and the new york jets.

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