Paco Villa is shocked by his physical condition after reappearingHalf time

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After generating a lot of uncertainty after ceasing to participate in the coverage of TUDN in it Qatar World Cup 2022, Paco Villa publicly reappeared in his social media after sharing a couple of photos, although his last post was the one that drew the most attention due to the physical appearance of the commentator.

It was prior to December 25th when the narrator shared his first snapshot to celebrate the Christmas after more than a month away from instagram.

days before the end of the 2022the famous commentator posted another image in which he is seen in the Gymwhich he accompanied with the phrase: “To hit it with everything. I’ve been lucky all my life, as lucky I still am”.

Messages of support for Paco Villa

As expected, some of his professional colleagues such as Antonio de ValdesGina Holguin, Adriana Monsalve and Mauricio Ymay They did not hesitate to send him messages of support.

“Hug you, Paco!”, “Come on Paco, you are not alone. We send you a very strong hug”“Come on, you have an army of love supporting you!”, “Come Paco with everything”, “We’re all with you Paco. Don’t give up! Let’s go!”were some of the messages that were sent to Paco Villa.

What does Paco Villa have?

It should be noted that up to now both TUDN as the communicator have not referred to their sudden departure of the coverage of the past World Cup, so it is unknown if he suffers from any illness or the reason for his sudden physical change.

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