Shakira and Miley Cyrus the example of the Age of Aquarius and how it influences women

The suffering of others causes interest, and morbidity. Shakira and Miley Cyrus recently broke records with their songs classified as revenge against their ex-partners. In the just begun Age of Aquarius, women will fight for their individuality, and the feminist ideology, which has already begun, will become more popular in our society because Aquarius is … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo: the fans have little patience for him and they trample on a shirt with his name

A about to complete a month since his arrival at the club was made official al nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet scored his first official goal, the team was eliminated in the middle of the week of the Saudi Arabian Super Cup and some fans seem disappointed in what happens to the Portuguese player. … Read more

‘Deportivo Pablo Escobar’: statements against Colombia Sub-20 – International Football – Sports

The host Colombia entered through the window to the final phase of the South American Sub-20to which Brazil and Paraguay were already classified, to the detriment of Argentina, surprisingly eliminated from the tournament. Without the stars Gustavo Puerta, suspended for this duel, and Daniel Luna, injured before the end of the first half, Colombia obtained … Read more

Victims of human trafficking overcome their hell in Miami

When Julia Sakamoto met a man at a public transportation station in Miami who treated her kindly and invited her to dinner, she never imagined that she would become his executioner for two weeks after kidnapping, torturing, and transferring her to another state with a macabre objective. . Julia Sakamoto, of Brazilian origin, talks about … Read more

How much should you pay for jeans that will last forever?

At, the cheapest jeans cost 124 euros (for a reason the Good American model Good Legs by Khloe Kardashian is a bestseller) and the most expensive, 1,990 euros (anyone fancy Valentinos with feather decorations?). It’s a luxury retail platform, yes, with bestsellers like shirts from The Row, handbags from Saint Laurent and ballgowns from … Read more