Taylor Swift: the songs that her boyfriend Joe Alwyn has written using a pseudonym

For just over 6 years, Taylor Swift has had a romantic relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn that they have decided to keep out of the spotlight and in private. This relationship is completely opposite to those that the singer had in the past with other celebrities, brief and public. In 2020 Taylor Swift released … Read more

Neither Twingo nor Ferrari, this is Cardi B’s millionaire car

Cardi B spent thousands of dollars on a luxurious and extravagant van. It’s about the incredible Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. Swipe to find out more! January 28, 2023 9:56 p.m. Talking about Cardi B is talking about an artist of a level extremely successfulwhose singles are part of the TOP world music. Author of “WAP” and … Read more

Ronaldinho in the case of Dani Alves: his cellmate was a bodyguard | soccer trivia

Saturday January 28. It has been a week since Dani Alves was sent to prison for the alleged sexual assault of a 23-year-old girl at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. In a VIP area of ​​said establishment he would have assaulted the woman and after all the evidence, they put him in jail until various … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence confirms if she had an affair with Liam Hemsworth

CELEBRITIES Does Miley Cyrus aim against the protagonist of The Hunger Games? This is the detail in the Flowers video clip that sparked fan inquiry. For Camila Lopez 01/29/2023 – 02:58 UTC 01/29/2023 – 02:58 UTC © GettyJennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth starred in the hit The Hunger Games. Since Miley Cyrus He launched Flowers, … Read more

A problem appeared for the Dominican Republic and its manager in the 2023 World Classic

By Jesus Perez Vichot (Chuchi) Among the fifty players that make up the preliminary list from which the selection that will represent the Dominican Republic in the upcoming World Baseball Classic (WBC) will come from, the inclusion of three stellar shortstops is striking. This is a key position in a baseball team and having more … Read more

Camilo spoke out about the messages against non-binary people

Non-binary identities refer to people who in their gender identity and expression are not assumed to belong to the masculine or feminine dimensions. Infobae. On January 28, the singer-songwriter Camilo He exposed a message on his social networks against his daughter’s gender identity Indigo, Through stories on Instagram, he clarified that, although they did not … Read more