Critics: Criticism of “Asphyxiated”, by Luciano Podcaminsky, with Leonardo Sbaraglia and Julieta Díaz

Not even two talented performers like Sbaraglia and Díaz manage to save this story about the crisis of a long-term marriage set almost entirely on board a yacht. suffocated (Argentina/2023). Direction: Luciano Podcaminsky. Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Julieta Díaz, Marco Antonio Caponi, Zoe Hochbaum, Sofía Zaga Masri and Natalia Oreiro. Screenplay: Alex Kahanoff, Andrea Marra, Sebastián … Read more

How Cryptocurrency Prices Enable Profits

Photo: The Economist Archive. How cryptocurrency prices allow you to make a profit. Cryptocurrencies have become so widespread that they allow numerous earning opportunities for traders and investors. The volatility of cryptocurrency prices allows you to make a profit in crypto, it is about trading (or trade). How does it work? The value of cryptocurrencies … Read more

The Barcelona Eurovision Party turns the city into the Eurovision capital for 3 days from March 23 to 25 – CATACULTURAL

The Barcelona Eurovision Party, which celebrates its second edition with three days, is an event as a prelude to the Eurovision contest with live concerts where Eurovision fans have the opportunity to see and listen to the contestants of that year, as well as to some former participants who will act as special guests. On … Read more

Anne Hathaway, star of new movie

USA.- Every movie buff recognizes that It Follows managed to become a cult film, within the horror genre, thanks to the effectiveness of David Robert Mitchell. +Register here to access more news in El Heraldo The American filmmaker directed this terrifying show that tells how sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) spread from one to another as … Read more

the medium length that suits everyone

The arrival of spring brings us a new haircut that feel good to all. If you adore medium length hair in all its versions but, at the same time, you love long haircuts, you are lucky because this fashionable cut in 2023 is just what you are looking for. Commonly known as long bob or … Read more

Angelina Jolie has rules for her daughter Shilou’s romances

Angelina Jolie is a mother devoted to her six children, Maddox, people, Zahara, shilou, Knox and vivienne, and is aware of each of their actions, also tries to accompany them in their most special moments, for example, when Maddox entered the university in South Korea, the proud parent accompanied him on his first day in … Read more

Emma Watson turned down a role that Emma Stone did. Emma Stone turned down a role that Emma Watson did. Only one took an Oscar – Movie news

The actresses have been replacing each other since 2017. Hollywood is like that. There are actors who sign for a role in a movie but the project is delayed and schedules complicate things. Other times, the promotion of a film is what hinders the plans. When these occur, the only thing that can be done … Read more