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Paying a subscription to see exclusive content: this is the strategy that made it OnlyFans the social network that has allowed people from all over the world to make money with their ideas. We know well how receptive Mark Zuckerberg is to successful ideas. Blatantly observe, analyze and copy – it has already done so with Snapchat, with the app MSQRD (later purchased) and with Facebook Messenger, which works identically to Whatsapp (purchased in 2014 for $ 19.3 billion).

Now the good Mark has his eyes on OnlyFans and wants to take advantage of the strategy on Instagram (which just to like, he bought in 2012 for 1 billion dollars in shares and money). In this way, the turnover of Instagram would skyrocket and could undermine the current domain of OnlyFans, which can still bet on its secret weapon: the total absence of censorship regarding content.

For now it is only rumors: the news was spread by TechCrunch. It seems that two third-party services, Apptopia and Sensor Tower, have discovered one new feature that should allow you to make in-app subscriptions on Instagram. Among other things, this discovery would corroborate the news released some time ago, regarding the will of Instagram to allow creators to get paid for their content (which already happens, but which does not involve Instagram and therefore does not bring good earnings. Mark and his empire).

In particular, Apptopia and Sensor Tower, would have intercepted a series of options under the heading Instagram Subscriptions in the iOS App Store, where the individual prices of in-app purchases would be highlighted. For the Instagram Badges, for example, options are shown starting from a minimum of $ 0.99 to a maximum of $ 4.99. The same goes for Instagram Subscriptions (monthly subscriptions), which would ultimately represent the real news of the moment. For those who do not know, in fact, the Instagram Badges are tools already present on the app and can be purchased during Live, in order to support the activity of your favorite creators. The function has already been implemented in several countries and Italy is also present among these.

Thanks to in-app subscriptions, Instagram users who want it, will be able to unlock different types of content, including photos, videos, Instagram Stories and probably also Live. Some may not like the path taken by Instagram and other social platforms, the fact is that Adam Mosseri himself, Head of Instagram, has already expressed his favorable opinion on the matter. Being able to monetize your content will help creators support their work, which they spend time, resources and energy on. In any case, as often happens, the introduction of in-app subscriptions will be gradual and most likely will start from the United States, with a test phase which will then be followed by worldwide diffusion.

Now a question is a must: will it still be possible to structure a social strategy by focusing on Instagram influencers? Let me explain: will it still make sense to pay an influencer to produce content related to a brand? Subscriptions could shatter creator insights. It will be important to understand that the situation will evolve. Because social business is schizophrenic. It is liquid: much more than the company that Zygmunt Bauman told us. But this is another story, which we will talk about when we have a clearer idea.


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