Painting games and the Tamagotchi for Kings

The toy stores lived yesterday a day of last-minute requests from the pages of the Three Kings who were looking for the last gift before the night of this January 5th. A day they arrive with more and more information about the products they are looking for. This is recognized by Estela Salcedo, from the Nueva Mezquita toy store (Calatrava street). She acknowledges that the Kings’ campaign “is going quite well”, with a movement similar to last year by their Majesties of the East who will have piecework tonight after the parades.

Among the most demanded, the Crayola Super Ceraboli, a set of drawing materials for children from eight years old; and the Marker Factory, although the interactive bag and the Playmobil soccer stadium also stand out. However, the big star of this season is the Tamagotchi, the virtual pet that hit hard decades ago and now returns in the form of a medallion that the player must take care of.

Regarding the preferences of the little ones, Salcedo affirms that they want “craft” games, while the older ones bet “for board games.” In fact, the pages looking for these gifts today will be late: most of them are already sold out.

Different scenes in a toy store in the capital.Different scenes in a toy store in the capital. – Photo: Rueda VillaverdeIn another specialized establishment, Juguettos (Alarcos street), the most demanded toy is once again the Tamagotchi. This article has already been sold out for more than 15 days, according to Patricia Gómez, one of her shop assistants. In this establishment, sales accumulate especially after Christmas: “First people come to look, although they almost always buy at the last minute.” Gómez clarifies that although there are many representatives of their Majesties of the East who even arrive with the photo of the product they want but with questions about whether it is suitable for a child.

The Christmas period is special for them. The Jugettos clerk clarifies that “most of them behave well”, but at the same time they are “very excited” during their visits to the store and show a special predilection for games that are advertised on television. In Ciudad Real, the procession of the Kings will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Gasset Park.

Different scenes in a toy store in the capital.
Different scenes in a toy store in the capital. – Photo: Rueda Villaverde

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