Palasiet presents its new thalassotherapy, weight loss and aesthetic medicine programs

Palasiet presents its new thalassotherapy, weight loss and aesthetic medicine programsDE

The Costa del Azahar, with its more than 120 kilometers of coastline, is full of coves and beaches where enjoy the sun, sand and the Mediterranean sea. Among the many tourist destinations in which to spend your holidays, Benicàssim stands out as one of the favorites among tourists who visit the Valencian Community. Tranquility and rest are one of the adjectives that define the Benicense tourist offer characterized, also, by the modernity.


Under these three concepts, Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel stands; a complex that has some first class facilitiesrooms with magnificent views and a wide portfolio of services with which they guarantee the well-being and health of its guestssuch as its thalassotherapy clinic, one of the most modern and best equipped in the European field of health tourism.

Since its opening 52 years ago, Palasiet has claimed to be a space for relaxation and cultivation for the human body. In fact, they are defined as “he pioneer center in Spain, with enviable facilities. We are pioneers in health treatments with our concept of Integrative Medicine and with a great vocation to be at the forefront both in therapies, treatments, activities and in the regular renovation of our facilities.s”, they say from the Benicàssim thalassotherapy center.

Thalasso Clinic at the Palasiet hotel

Palasiet begins its season on March 17. Your clinic facilities have two thermal seawater pools, saunas and vaporarium, gym, cabins, bathtubs and medical consultations. All these services allow you to have the most modern technology for rehabilitation, weight loss and aesthetic and capillary medicine.

“He sea ​​water is a source of pure life, explain the professionals of the center. And it is that thalassotherapy use elements of this ecosystem such as seawater, salts, algae, mud and the marine climate itself at the service of the health of hotel guests. “We are doing a bet for becoming a referral health centernot as a conventional hotel but as a comprehensive center for recovery and quality of life”, stand out from Palasiet in Benicàssim.

Its wide range of services offers custom programs weight loss to lose weight with very effective results against obesity, fitness or detox programs, personalized programs and wellness retreats that manage to implement new lifestyle habits and that allow to fight effectively against physical and psychological discomfort, aging, stress and anxiety. All of this contributes to gaining in quality of life and productivity. “Our vocation is to be at the forefront both in therapies and in offering the top quality services to some very affordable and competitive pricesThis balance is very important to us”, They say from the center.

The multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionalstechnique It is made up of doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, beauticians, thermal technicians, chefs and cooks. They guarantee the correct fulfillment of each treatment program, so that it adapts to the needs of the guest.

Wide catalog of services and programs

Palasiet has an extensive offer of treatments and programs for its clients, adapted to the needs of each one of the guests. They are designed to disconnect from everyday life and recharge with positive energy and vitality. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Weightlosswith the aim of caring for the body and improving the quality of life of guests in aspects such as self-esteem or quality of life.
  • thalassotherapy program, which claim to reduce pain and discomfort. Suitable for treating rheumatic pathologies (osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia), traumatological pathologies (muscular contractures, neck pain, back pain, lumbago and rehabilitation processes), skin and circulatory problems.
  • balance woman, personalized program of integrative treatments aimed at women who are in an important stage of physical and emotional changes, to provide improvements in their health and increase confidence and self-care.
  • Anti-stress and relaxation methods. They help people reduce bad lifestyle habits with different techniques and activities.
  • Detox program to eliminate toxins. It manages to obtain the integral well-being that a thoroughly purified and purified body provides, a rested body and a perfect mental balance.

The Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel programs adapt to the needs of each person.

For visitors looking to get in shape, Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel has a program specially designed to recover activity and physical exercisewhile healthy habits are resumed and recharged with positive energy and vitality.

Palasiet also provides special attention to personal beauty care. The aesthetic medicine department has introduced innovative programs for revitalization, bioregeneration and rehydration of the skin, wrinkles, lifting without surgery and hair restoration medicine.

Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel offers special attention to personal beauty care.

enviable facilities

One of the values ​​of the Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel is its facilities, with an extension of more than 2,700 square meters. They have a seawater pool at 36 degrees Celsius with water beds, cervical jets, lumbar jets, as well as different types of Jacuzzi.

The Palasiet Clinic & Hotel facilities have an area of ​​2,700 square meters.

They also have finnish sauna, vaporarium –sea water steam– and the Turkish bath, as well as an area with hydromassage baths, pressure jets and cabins for enveloping mud and algae, cabins for massages, aesthetics, electrotherapy, physiotherapy and, finally, a gym and area of group activities, such as group gymnastics, pilates, yoga, muscle chain stretching and relaxation techniques.

Palasiet is located in Benicassim, surrounded by gardens, flower beds and trees facing the Mediterranean sea. It is a very special location, with the benicense bay in the background, which invites you to a complete experience of health and well-being.

“We have been improving our facilities every year”assures Farnós about the offer of the center, located in a privileged enclave, 50 meters from the beach and a long promenade where there are beautiful villas from the early 20th century. The green path, the old train track, which runs along the coast, offers a unique enclave for clients to exercise. with the beautifulDesierto de las Palmas Natural Park, a magnificent protected area with ridges of more than 700 meters as a background.

learn to eat well

During his stay at Palasiet, the guest assumes the importance what does it have for health Eat well and benefit from the effects produced by a healthy and proper diet about the organism.

The nutrition method follows the principles of Mediterranean diet which represents much more than a simple nutritional guideline and which is, by its very nature, a rich and healthy diet. The products used are seasonal and local.

“We want our customers to lose weight by eating healthy”, they reveal from the direction of Palasiet. The Natural Restaurant, located in the hotel, is known for its healthy and appetizing gastronomy. The maximum of this place is the Mediterranean-inspired healthy cuisine, or as they call it, Gastronomy of Well-being. The kitchen team works hand in hand with nutrition specialists to offer, through the fusion of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with avant-garde culinary techniques, complete and healthy menus according to each guest’s treatment. “Once the guest leaves here, we don’t lose touch with them so that they maintain what they have achieved here and continue with the healthy habits they have learned”, they relate.

All readers of lift-EMV Those interested in knowing more about the services and facilities of Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel can expand the information on its website.

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