Palermo, after more than a year the Virgin gym reopens: 50 jobs saved

The workers of the Virgin Active gym in Palermo will return to work with the new year. So save in 50 collaborators and 21 employees direct that had been placed in layoffs due to the troubled affair crossed by the structure, which ended up under seizure for alleged irregularities in the renovation works.

«Today the meeting with the company was held – says Marianna Flauto, general secretary of Uiltucs Sicilia – and we had ample reassurance on employment levels. The maintenance workers have already returned to service while the rest of the staff will be recalled starting from 3 January. There was a risk that the company could close its doors but fortunately the situation seems to have improved. From 7 January, therefore, the activities will restart and for employees, collaborators and all related industries, we hope for a return to normality. At the moment we are experiencing this news fills us with optimism. We remember in fact that this story really risked ending badly, after more than a year of closing the gym. Finally positive news that gives us hope for the future ».

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