Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities vulnerable to hacking

The hacking that was done this morning to the accounts of Youtube of singers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grandein which they posted a video outside of them, is not something unpublished.

In the last three decades, various actresses, actors and singers have had their privacy violated, spreading their materials on the Internet, which makes it practically impossible to stop their massive proliferation.

EL UNIVERSAL presents some of the cases where the so-called information highway played against celebrities.

viral video

In 1995, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and rocker Tommy Lee became the stars of the first viral video on the internet.

A former employee of them stole the home videos where the couple had sex, and spread them as revenge for not having received a payment of 20 thousand dollars and having been shot by Lee with a shotgun.

The video was shown to a porn film producer, who made copies and began to offer them to various distributors.

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It achieved a sale for 50 thousand dollars and two months later, the video had already been seen by most of the 40 million people who, in that year, had access to the network, nothing to do with the more than 3 billion in the orb

The former employee never set foot in jail, because in that decade Internet crimes were something new and it was unknown how to act.


Jennifer Lawrence, star of “The Hunger Games” and “X-Men” and the singers Ariana Grande and Rihanna, as well as the actress Kate Upton, among others, were violated in their privacy after someone hacked their iCloud accounts, spreading intimate photos.

It was 2014 and the process took three years to send the executor to prison, whose lawyer stated that when he stole the almost 500 photos, he was going through a severe depression.

of lawyers

Allen Grubman, lawyer for Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, Robert de Niro and U2, was the victim of a hack in 2020, stealing various data from his clients such as contracts and personal emails.

The FBI entered the case to try to catch the culprits who allegedly demanded 21 million dollars to return the information.

The progress of the investigation has not been disclosed.

The princess unveiled

Three years ago, images of Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman were leaked where they are seen in the bathroom, bed or in front of a mirror.


Last September Geraldin Bazán denounced that his Instagram account had been hacked and the culprit was sending direct messages. Diego Boneta announced the same thing about his account on his Twitter, the same as Marjorie de Souza.


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