Pamela Anderson | Pamela Anderson’s harrowing experience with a stalker: “He handed me a note and cut my wrist with glass”

Pamela AndersonThe actress best known for playing CJ Parker in ‘Baywatch’ was one of them mouse decade of 90, sitting on his cover magazines and performance in many movies reached all corners of the world, making it a supper star without precedent. Of all her iconic photographs, perhaps the one in which she is seen in her signature attire red bathing suit Be one of the most famous.

In a recent interview to The Sun newspaper, Anderson made a disclosure Wound experience lived 2001 with a fan who broke into their house, dressed in said bikini and, after giving him a Commentslit his wrists with a knife glass, “My mother was in the hospital and my father was coming to town, so I was preparing room When someone came up and said to me, ‘Pamela, is anyone sleeping in your bed”, began this heartwarming story.

“I dream with you”

“We went into the room and there was a white woman what was mine red bikini And spoke French. he gave me one Letter saying that he wanted to touch me, who was there for him. i had a lot Clothes Under my bed”, he continued to explain. In the said note, Anderson explains, he wrote the following message: “I’m not gay, but I dream of you”,

finally girl she cut her wrist with glasswhich led to the entry of Pamela Anderson nervousness And ran away with your children. later, Stalker, who was at that time 27 yearsidentified as Christine Roth and ended exiled to France

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