PAMI adds a very important provider to its health care network

Signature of agreement with the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center Foundation “Dr. Nestor Kirchner”

The PAMI delegation from Formosa confirmed good news for its affiliates not only in Formosa but also in the region and the country, since an agreement was reached with a subsequent signing of an agreement with the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center Foundation “Dr. Néstor Kirchner” which contemplates that the PAMI affiliate can undergo radiant treatment (radiotherapy) in our province without having to move to other parts of the country.

“With this agreement, what is achieved is that members who have to deal with a disease as complex as cancer no longer have to be referred to other provinces with all that that means, both for economic and family issues, since that almost no one travels alone”, said the head of the UGLXIII Formosa, Luis Kayser, who added that “it is opportune to emphasize that the provincial health system allows us to solve almost all the conditions suffered by our affiliates, proof of this was that during In the first year of the pandemic, where circulation was restricted, we have only referred 4 affiliates out of the province, all of them precisely due to the need for radiotherapy ”.

Patients in the waiting room of the Nuclear Medicine Center.

According to the recently signed agreement, several services are incorporated, such as radiotherapy itself, brachytherapy, linear accelerator treatment, intensity modulated radiotherapy, among others, highlighting not only the incorporation of this type of therapy, but also that it is a provider first level since the technology available to the center is state-of-the-art and some of them are unique in their kind in the region and the country.

“The incorporation as a provider of PAMI, in this new system of benefits with free choice of members, means that not only members of Formosa can have access, but it is extended to all members of the country. Of course, the priority is assistance to our population, but we know that, like the “Presidente Juan Domingo Perón” High Complexity Hospital, due to its capacity, it receives patients from other provinces and even countries,” Kayser explained.

“The agreement signed with the President of the Foundation, Dr. Martín Alejandro Mutuberria closes a cycle that is already being carried out with care at the Nuclear Medicine Center for almost 30 of our affiliates, for which we want to extend our gratitude to patients and relatives of Dr. Gildo Insfrán”, said the head of the local PAMI delegation, who also recalled that this center “could have been enabled several years ago, and that having had a construction progress of more than 80%, it was paralyzed by the management of President Macri, as another example of contempt for the Formoseños, like the vast majority of the Argentine people.

However, through the provincial government, the work remained active as long as it was within its reach and currently, with the encouragement of the national government, this desire of the provincial health system is a reality.

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