Pantone Very Peri is the color 2022. How to use it in beauty

S.will be a completely purple world, or rather Very Peri, the one that awaits us in 2022. To decree it is Pantone who, punctual as every year, presents the color that will dominate the scenes in the coming months. And for the new year the hue will be a mix between calm blue tending to purple with a hint of red. A shade, to be noted, already used on the catwalk and red carpet, the protagonist of unusual as well as fascinating smoky eyes.

Very Peri, the purple with character according to Pantone

The last to show it off – also in the beauty look – on the red carpet was Lady Gaga than at the London premiere of House of Gucci chose a intense purple eye make-up, made bright by thousands of light points.

But also spotted by Camila Cabelo at the last Met Gala last September, as well as by Scarlett Johanson at the presentation of Avengers: Infinity War. But what is the strength of this shade?

Camila Cabelo, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry: Pantone 2022 is also beauty

It is a dynamic periwinkle blue, made more vibrant by touches of red: blends in itself the calm but also the energy of blue together with the excitement that red creates. It is a tone that tells the historical period we are living very well because it is innovative and it is the demonstration of how the digital reality is influencing daily life “explain from the institution. A color that therefore creates infinite chromatic possibilities and that lends itself well to hazards to give an extra twist to your beauty look.

Dua Lipa

… And in beauty?

But if it is true that Very Peri is a shade that leads to indulge in the imagination, how to use it in everyday life?

Especially in eye make-up. Purple is in fact a complementary color of green, yellow and orange and therefore makes the browns shine by contrast. Not by chance, the make-up of this shade goes perfectly on dark irises and even more on green ones. Furthermore, it is one very valid alternative to smoky eyes in the classic black version.

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Scarlett Johansson

More difficult to use purple on the lips or in the hair, as Katy Perry did a few years ago sporting a purple bob. If you want to be daring but not too much, the classic line of eyeliner or pencil is always valid, for a light touch of fantasy, but without exaggerating. And the first beauty trend of 2022 is served.


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