Paola Rojas breaks the silence after Zague’s intimate video

Former soccer player Luis Roberto Álvez Zague and journalist Paola Rojas divorced at the beginning of 2019, after during the 2018 World Cup in Russia, while Zague was covering the sporting event, an intimate video of the now sports analyst was leaked, which It was addressed to someone other than his ex-wife.

The video triggered situations of digital violence against Paola Rojas, who broke the silence three days ago during the program “Netas Divinas”, Reliving the events caused the journalist to cry, when she was honest about the situation.


“What hurt me the most was digital violence, because there was this perception in many people… as if I had opened the door to my room, to my intimacy. In other words, it’s not just private but intimate,” said the journalist.

The start of your relationship

Zague and Paola met at an event organized by the Televisa network, a company for which Paola currently works and which has a very close relationship with Zague, due to his past with the América club, which belongs to the television station.


The relationship began from then on and by 2009, they decided to get married at Xcaret, a tourist site located in Quintana Roo, an event attended by more than 400 people, highlighting the names of Alberto García Aspe, Ricardo Peláez, Carlos Hermosillo and even the godparents of the wedding, the then president Felipe Calderón and his wife Margarita Zavala.

Their twin sons Leonardo and Paulo were born two years after their marriage, both are currently ten years old. Despite the protective paternity that Zague always manifested during her marriage, having sent videos to another person destroyed one of the marriages that until 2018 was one of the most stable.

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