Paola Rojas in a miniskirt shows that 40 is the new 20

The Mexican journalist Paola Rojaswowed the national audience with her shapely legs dressed in a miniskirt during the recent broadcast of the successful morning newscast “Al Aire con Paola Rojas” proving that 40 is the new 20.

The 45-year-old news anchor combined a tiny printed skirt She wore a deep V-neck black blouse with long puff sleeves and accessorized her look with understated accessories and wide-strap square-toe high sandals.

Paola Rojas squandered her incomparable beauty and her exquisite style from the news forum of Televisashowing off her jet-black hair parted on the side and earth-toned makeup that highlighted her tanned cheeks and delicate pink lips.

The journalist from Mexico City She captured the eyes of viewers with the spectacular outfit she wore during her most recent appearance on the small screen, accumulating praise from her fans with her statuesque tanned legs.

Paola Rojas is one of the most talented, recognized and acclaimed Mexican communicators in the entertainment industry and has stood out throughout her extensive career for her outstanding participation in successful radio and television programs.

The footballer’s ex-wife Luis Roberto Alves “Zague” She is one of the most popular celebrities on social networks and has more than a million ardent followers on her official accounts that praise her indisputable talent and charismatic personality.

Paola Rojas has also stood out for her style, elegance and sophistication and recently graced a photo shoot for the prestigious magazine Hi Mexico dressed in exquisite red outfits that accentuated her statuesque figure.

The Mexican journalist has been the owner of one of Televisa’s main morning newscasts since 2016, she is also one of the hosts of the successful program “Divine Nets” which is transmitted by Unicable and collaborates in the newspaper El Universal with the column “Off the Air”.

Paola Rojas has managed to consolidate her career in the entertainment industry over the last two decades and is currently considered one of the most influential communicators in Mexico and one of the most important and sought-after faces in the world. Televisa.

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