paparazzi and blows in Argentina

Model Cara Delevingne and actress Margot Robbie were harassed by paparazzi in Argentina, TMZ reported, citing sources close to the artists.

The friends were having breakfast in a restaurant in Buenos Aires and everything got worse when they were going to board a taxi. Out of nowhere, a photographer decided to take pictures of them without his consent.

The chaotic encounter generated nervousness in the taxi driver, who started the vehicle with Cara inside and Margot with half of her body outside. The tabloid detailed that the Australian had to jump out of the car to avoid serious injuries.

In turn, TMZ included in its publication that even with margot robbie On the ground, the subject continued to bother her, her friends came out to defend them.

The man, named Pedro Alberto Orquera, told the police that he was beaten by two men whom he perceived as escorts for the actresses. According to the Argentine press, the photographer is hospitalized with a broken arm and a bloody scalp. Previously, Orquera was said to have fled the scene.

At this time, the pair of individuals accused of having beaten Orquera are behind bars in Buenos Aires. The stars have not yet reacted or declared regarding the fact. Delevingne updated his stories between yesterday and today, but nothing to confirm this information.

Photo: courtesy IG @caradelevingne

In the first days of September it was made public that the former Victoria’s Secret angel is going through a series of personal problems, so this meeting must have been overwhelming.

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