Paparazzi sue Kanye West for assault in California

sued by a photographer Kanye West for assault, assault and negligence after the artist threw her cell phone to the ground during a confrontation in California earlier this year.

Nicole Lechmanick confirmed at a press conference in Los Angeles this Thursday with her attorney, Gloria Allred, that the singer, who changed her name to Yeh, harassed her.Great mental and emotional damage”.

He The event happened in January 2023 The paparazzi were outside a sports venue in Ventura County near Los Angeles where Ye and Kim Kardashian’s daughter was.

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According to the lawsuit, paparazzi took some pictures of Kardashian entering the compound when she saw Ye arguing with someone outside. lechmanic cHe started making videos of the rapper from his car with his phone,

In a clip played during the press conference, they approach the vehicle and Confront the paparazzi. “If I want to see my son play, you can’t come at me like this. If I say stop (…) stop with your camera,” he says, clearly upset.

I know, but Kanye, you’re a celebrity,” replies the photographer who continues filming like a companion in the car.

Immediately the musician grabs Lechmanik’s phone and He throws it on the ground, turns it over and walks away.,

It scared me a lot,” the photographer said on Thursday. “His antics have hindered my work. (…) He has no right to attack me or to make me afraid of practicing my profession.”

When asked by a reporter about the extent of celebrity privacy, Lechmanik said that had ten years of experience And that such an incident had never happened to him before.

I think people don’t understand the hardships we photographers go through.”

demands demands”general, special and punitive damages”Gloria Allred commented.

Photo: AFP

Yeh and Kim Kardashian They started dating in 2012 And two years later they got married in a lavish ceremony in Italy.

The couple, who have four children, divorced last year after a long and public process.

Yeh’s life has been full of controversy and controversy since her split from the reality star.

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