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The film “The List” released its official trailer, while part of its cast is in Marbella, Spain, participating in the film festival of the glamorous city on the Spanish coast.

Written and directed by Michael Hardy, it features Fernando Abadie and Claudia Scavone as the main actors. It was shot in various locations in and around Asunción during the nights of late February and early March 2020, and ended just as Paraguay went into quarantine. Due to the time available for post-production due to the pandemic, several later scenes were added to improve the quality of the film.

This is a suspense thriller that recounts the situation of a wealthy exiled family when they return from the United States to reclaim their lives, after the fall of a brutal dictatorship. However, the new government classifies them as collaborators of the regime and the newcomers must survive a lawless night. There are 12 hours that are granted to those who seek to take revenge by their own hands. What seemed to be similar to “The Purge” becomes a thriller with deep psychological undertones and justice.

The cast of “La Lista” continues with Paloma Vargas, Nathan Christopher Haase, and the resounding participation of Jesús Pérez and Javier Enciso. The cast is completed: Borja García, Eduardo Cano, Juan Carlos Moreno, Héctor Silva, Pamela Capello, Yvoty Herreros, Lucía Báez, Carlitos Fernández, Nelson Aguilera, Arturo Barrios, Miguel Román, Julieta Benjamín, Mariela Ríos, Sebastián Genovesi, Raúl Gines, Nery Correa, Majo Peralta, Belén Vierci, Jazmín Romero, among others.

At the head of this team is Michael Hardy (director and screenwriter) along with Kelly Murray (executive producer). Also mentioned: Sebastián Genovesi (assistant director), Dea María Pompa (continuist), Nicolás Merens (production director), Myriam Martínez (production manager), Eduardo García (art direction), Thessa Rautenberg (costumes) , Silvia María Valinotti (makeup and hairstyle), Oscar Ayala Paciello (photography), Martín de Lemos (sound), etc. The production team was made up of more than 80 people, with the support of the IPAC film school and several IPAC intern film students. The cast numbered more than 100 people, including more than 70 extras. The cast was reunited with the help of TIA and Stephanie Bragayrac.

In recent months, “The List” has been part of numerous film festivals worldwide, reaping laurels, both for its cast, as for the script, director, costume design, makeup and the film, as such. In fact, this Friday, October 7, it will be screened as part of the billboard for the Marbella Film Festival in Spain, where it was selected from hundreds of submitted projects.

Michael Hardy is an award-winning American writer, director, and producer who won recognition in 2014 as “Washington, DC Filmmaker of the Month” for his work on the feature film Fort Bliss (starring Michelle Monaghan). Mike is a former Army officer and counter-terrorism specialist with extensive international experience. He currently splits time between Washington DC, Los Angeles, Paraguay and Honduras, where his wife and family are from Texas. La Lista is Michael Hardy’s first project outside the United States and hopes to be the first of several works in Paraguay.

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