Paramount Pictures Would Have Abandoned Its Hero to Protect Palestine

One Take News claims actress may have been ‘quietly fired’ from Scream 7

I had to turn on the computer immediately to tell you about the latest report I read scream 7, melissa barrera And Jenna Ortega He was going to star in the seventh installment of the success saga slasherHowever, jena he could be left alone because one time news And world of reels they assure Paramount Pictures would have fired melissa barrera For his comments regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

What did Melissa Barrera say about Israel and Palestine?

A little less than a month ago, melissa barrera shared a story on your profile Instagram Assistant Palestine In the midst of this conflict with Israel. interpreter in the story prophesied that Palestine would be free and said that heA woman born in Mexico, He also came from a colonized country, Since then he has continued to send messages in support of Palestine.

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Is it true that Melissa Barrera has been deported from Palestine?

report of one time news And world of reels They talk aboutsilent dismissal‘, ignoring the character of Sam Carpenter In the latest version of the script scream 7, There is no direct connection specified with your Instagram comments, but it is It has been suggested that the interpreter’s support for Palestine would be the main reason the studio would not want to cast him. Despite everything being ready.

SlashFilm, an even more reliable source, confirms the news, but goes on to reveal the exact reason for the dismissal: “Crossing the line of anti-Semitism, including an anti-Semitic image criticizing Jews who control the media,

for now, scream 7 continues, and in the event that the dismissal melissa barrera Be realistic, it will be as it seems Jenna Ortega The protagonist as well as other legendary characters from the franchise and many other characters unreleased to date. neither Paramount Pictures neither Jenna Ortega They’ve teased the sequel in recent weeks, but filming could now begin in the next few months after the Hollywood actors’ strike ends.

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