Paris Hilton uploads a post with Britney Spears in which she is missing half a necklace and says she has not used…

The socialite and businesswoman Paris Hilton has been accused of carrying out certain retouching of her photographs. All this controversy sparked when the model also made a publication with her friend Britney Spears after attending the birthday party of talent agent Cade Hudson.

Through his Instagram account, Hilton published a carousel of photos and videos in which he was shown with several of his colleagues in the industry. However, one of those images has stood out above the rest of her, and it is precisely where she appears with Britney Spears. For her followers, it seems to have been modified, retouching the faces of the two pop divas and softening her features.

Paris Hilton’s response to the accusations

According to 20 Minutes, when the businesswoman’s fans realized the changes, They commented on the publication asking for explanations for the retouching. For her part, in the face of criticism, Paris has decided to respond: “To everyone who asks, some of these photos were taken with an iPhone and they came out blurry. By using an application to have better quality, the AI ​​has distorted them.” Likewise, he described the theories as “ridiculous”. “I didn’t even want to dignify this with an answer. But some of these conspiracy theories are absolutely ridiculous,” added Paris Hilton regarding this controversy with Britney Spears. And although Hilton gave his explanations, the truth is that many of his fans have not accepted the explanations. In fact, one user claimed that it was strange how Britney’s half necklace was missing or the shape of her fingers.

a famous friendship

The friendship of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton aroused the interest of the press, who did not hesitate to describe the trio they forged with Lindsay Lohan – although the latter was not a close friend – as the “Holy Trinity”, as noted by InStyle on its website.

Beyond the endless partying nights documented by the paparazzi, their bond reached the point that Hilton was in charge of presenting the award for best pop video of the year to Spears at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. A founding friendship of the 2000 that, despite the different ups and downs that its protagonists have experienced in recent years, has marked two certainly parallel lives and continues as valid as its status as pop culture myths, reviews the same medium already mentioned. The most recent proof of this friendship was reflected in the tears of Paris during her friend’s wedding.. As Hilton herself confessed to InStyle in the interview, the businesswoman and influencer was moved to see her friend walking down the aisle at her wedding last June with personal trainer Sam Asghari. “It was amazing to be there with so many friends and iconic women, with people who love her so much,” she said.

However, we must emphasize that this was not always the case, both lived simultaneously the crudest side of fame. The two, victims of the tabloid press, the parties in the most exclusive venues in Beverly Hills that gave way shortly after to less edifying episodes.

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