Paris Hilton was inspired by Demi Lovato to tell her story Grupo Milenio

paris hilton add your voice to the chorus of women who express themselves to claim their version of events before the media and the public.

This week he published his autobiography Paris: The Memoirin which she shares what it was like growing up a Hilton: Being sent to programs for troubled teens where she encountered mental and physical abuse, a leaked sex tape, the creation of her high-voiced party girl image, and starring in the reality show The Simple Lifewith Nicole Richie.

In 2020, Hilton released the YouTube documentary This is Paris in which he addresses his experiences in those programs for troubled teens. “That was the first time I really got vulnerable and real and shared my story and what I went through.Hilton said.

Now, Hilton is involved as an activist and recently had a child with her husband. Carter Rheum.

In an interview with Associated PressHilton talked about opening up to the world, settling down and what she thinks of being described as “socialite” .

“I’ve been misunderstood and underestimated for so long, and there’s a lot more to me than people think. It really all started with my documentary, This Is Paris. That was the first time I really became vulnerable and real and shared my story and what I went through,” he told the agency. PA. “Many of the things that I put in the book were very difficult to write, many memories that I tried not to think about for so many years. But I think it was important to include them because it’s part of my story. I just know there are a lot of women who need to hear that story too.”

Likewise, Paris assured that she took great inspiration at the premiere of the Demi Lovato documentary.

I was at the Demi Lovato documentary premiere a couple of years ago, and I was so struck by her honesty and her vulnerability and the fact that she talks about so many private moments in her life,” external. “That really inspired me to be able to feel free, be open and be more honest about what she was going through, because especially in Hollywood, it can be very difficult, especially when it comes to mental health. A lot of people go through things and we all try to project this perfect life, but life isn’t perfect.“.


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