Part of the poverty that is palpable in Cuba is “Made in the USA”

The Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez He acknowledged that there is poverty in Cuba, but assured that part of it is “Made in the USA”, alluding to the US embargo on the island.

The famous troubadour gave an interview to the newspaper The Spanish in which he confirms himself as a faithful defender of the Castro dictatorship and looks the other way when asked about rough topics such as emigration and censorship.

“Part of the poverty that is palpable in the streets of Cuba has a surname: Made in the USA. The blockade is for that, to create poverty and for the people to turn against the government. I am not saying it. They say it with all clarity,” he said.

Regarding the alarming exodus that is bleeding the country dry, the singer admitted that “the flight of young people is our most bitter drama”, but he tried to soften its scope by alleging that although “it is hard” to see how family and friends leave, “it is a choice that It doesn’t just happen in revolutions: it happens everywhere, especially in countries in conflict or with economic problems”.

“Hasn’t Spain been a migrant town? Don’t they have migratory problems in the south, with Africa, and with countries in the Middle East? Sometimes it amazes me that in countries with resources, where there are problems and disagreements with their governments, speak so badly of ours, which has always lived cornered by colossal external forces…”, he questioned.

Asked about the discontent with the Díaz-Canel government that reigns among citizens, Silvio replied that “discontent is a universal right.”

“Being dissatisfied with a government is not the same as not believing in the principles it defends. There are economic situations, sometimes imposed, that can cause specific reactions,” he said.

Lastly, he declared that he was against censorship, but again threw the ball out of the field by stating that “censorship exists everywhere. I know very developed countries where actors and singers have been prosecuted and imprisoned for saying ‘inconvenience’. Also there are countries where the opinion of others is silenced with bullets. Nothing like that has happened in Cuba.”

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