Participate now in the YouTube Music and YouTube TV betas in the Play Store: what’s new from Google

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We already gave you a good look at what YouTube Music is, so now we encourage you to participate in its beta just like on YouTube TV (although this one has regional restrictions). And it is that the great G, on the day of Google I/O 2022, has shared the links to the betas in the Google Play Store.

Participate in the YouTube Music and YouTube TV betas

As always happens with this type of announcement, and although the betas are already available for YouTube Music and YouTube TV, it may happen that the page is not updated and does not allow the download of one of these two apps; and more if possible for the second due to the regional issue.

The links to the two betas You have them available so that from a click or a press you can register and thus be aware of the next news that will be announced; who knows if this afternoon Google itself will provide some.

  • Youtube music.
  • YouTubeTV.

YouTube Music Beta

YouTube Music Beta

The Free Android

As we have mentioned, at the moment there is no beta to download and it also takes time for the page to communicate that you are already part of the beta. In our case, both have worked well, although YouTube TV has that restriction bliss.

If that we stayed with YouTube Music and that beta that is going to provide news to turn this platform into one that can compete directly with Spotify; and that already has enough functions to become our application for day to day and thus listen to our favorite songs.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

The Free Android

As far as YouTube TV is concerned, at the moment there will be no choice but to wait for its availability in these parts, but it is not bad that we are attentive and participate in a beta that may open up the possibility in the near future to test this app in Spain.

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